This is a good news story for both the schools involved and also the students.

Cyclone team was involved at the point of strategic planning with community.

Cyclone professional services were able to "white glove" the Chromebook experience on behalf of the school.  This meant that once ordered, we opened each Chromebook and added the necessary information to enable the Chromebook to be fully functional at the point the student opened the device, taking away the potential frustration of not being able to connect etc.

This included the Google Management Console and as an Hapara reseller, we were also able to have this setup before the devices were issued, so the teacher workflow (vision into student activities) was ready from day one… and all this for a single per week payment by the parents.

Professional learning for the teachers is also available around  Google Apps for education.

For opening day see the TV3 article - a delight!


Microsoft Surface products are now available through All of Government via the new Cyclone Catalogue.

In recognition of the growing demand for Microsoft Surface tablets by both schools and government agencies, the Microsoft Surface family of products has now been enabled for supply to Participating Agencies via the All-of-Government (AoG) procurement process.

AoG objectives include a centre-led procurement process for selected categories in order to deliver savings to schools and agencies. It currently has seven panel providers for IT Hardware of which, Cyclone Computers Ltd is one.

Cyclone, a local private company, is servicing Participating Agencies in both the education and non-education sectors and is now providing a comprehensive Microsoft Surface line-up (including Microsoft peripherals) on their current catalogue.

Surface 2 is thin and light, features a long battery life (up to 10 hours), and comes with Microsoft Office 2013 RT pre-installed.

Surface Pro 2 runs Windows 8 Pro, and has the power of a high-performance laptop in a tablet form factor.

Both Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are well suited to productivity scenarios, with Type and Touch Covers available, ports to connect and share, and offering a familiar Windows-based user experience.

The inclusion of Microsoft Surface devices further extends the choice of platform, OS and form factor to AoG customers.

For more information on the Surface family of products, visit


With the new Managed Account Services login, you can now create your own quotes for the products that your organisation has access to.


Click here to watch a quick video on how to create a new quote in this service.


If you are not yet a registered user and would like to know more, please click here to register. You may be enabled for the creation of quotations and purchasing only after your registration details have been approved by your institution.


This list of apps has been compiled by the State of Victoria Australia (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) to provide a starting point for choosing and using apps in your classroom.

Click here for the pdf for iPads in Special Education



Cyclone All-of-Government Apple iPad Supplier

Cyclone Computers has been confirmed as the main Apple iPad supplier for agencies and schools buying through the All-­of-­Government (AoG) Desktop and Laptop contract. The new Apple iPad catalogue is now available, please contact your Cyclone Account Manager or call 0800 585 040.


"We relish the opportunity and challenge to work alongside creative mobile users with innovative products and unique applications. The outcomes of iPad use are really changing the way we work and learn. These are exciting times!" says Graham Prentice, GM Apple division Cyclone Computers.


Both commercial and bespoke applications (free and paid for) are used on the iPads to enable users to better address specific workplace or learning solutions. Security and management of both data and devices enable large organisations to better manage mobile fleets.


Special pricing is available only to NZ AoG Participating Agencies (Ministries, departments, councils, universities, polytechnics, state and integrated schools) - but only if they have been approved via Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, Govt Procurement Branch ICT Category.


For further information please read - New Zealand School AoG Contracts, from the PROCUREMENT.GOVT.NZ website.


To confirm your AoG status please call Cyclone 0800 585 040.


Full Cyclone Press Release.


For futher information about Cyclone and AoG please contact:


Graham Prentice

Cyclone Computers GM, Apple Division

Phone: 0211 606 570



How does your School sign up to the AoG program?

Click here for the NZ AoG Schools Information Guide


The EIT design and deployment solution involved the replacement of an aging DS4700 FC based storage controllers and a capacity upgrade requirement of 45 TB usable. There was also the need for a full business continuity strategy, suitable technology to make this happen and the migration of the VM's off the old storage and onto the new (including pass-through RDM volumes).  Read more ....



WIT's requirements was to create a new Hyper-V Infrastructure (storage/servers/10GBE networking), then develop a specialized migration strategy, specific to them.  Read more….







One of the hardest things with using the iPad in the classroom is finding the time to go through all of the apps in the iTunes Store listed under the education banner. We have started to list some of the apps we've found under each of the Key Learning Areas.


Click here to see the list of Apps.



A number of schools nationwide may follow Orewa College's lead and require students to have iPads or internet capable devices.  On Monday 15th May 2012 the college held a conference for 200 education representatives interested in using the devices in their own institutions and has been reported on the Stuff website.

To read the full article, please click here









We have recently become a Silver Sponsor for Independent Schools of New Zealand.


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