E-waste Solutions

E-Waste in NZ - resell or recycle technology

Get the best financial returns and environmental outcomes from technology that you no longer need.

What’s the future for your old technology?

When it’s time to upgrade your technology, we’ll work with you to achieve the highest possible financial return on your old stuff, or dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. We can find a market for your used equipment, or work through the right process for e-waste recycling.

E-Waste NZ

Equipment Remarketing

Turn old tech into new funds. We purchase pre-loved IT equipment purchased from customers, then remarket it through resellers, brokers and overseas dealers. Our buyers like PC equipment, enterprise servers, storage systems, photocopiers, printers and networking products. Importantly, all remarketing is performed ethically, with no e-waste shipped off to developing nations. We deal in export quality working equipment with environmentally reputable buyers.

Environmentally Friendly E-Waste Recycling

Our Technology Recovery Services are experts in environmentally friendly recycling for items that no longer have commercial resale value (due to age or condition). Our approach guarantees ‘minimal landfill’ and involves detailed disassembly of each item of equipment. We adhere to national and international e-waste standards.

Components like circuit boards, batteries, and precious metals are sold to specialist e-waste recycling services around the world. E-waste disposal normally comes at a per unit cost to cover labour.

E-waste collection, removal and disposal

We’ll organise secure collection and transportation of assets to our nominated IT Asset Disposition depot. If e-waste disposal is required, we’ll ensure this is done in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Asset Processing

Assets are checked for appearance, operability and completeness then cleaned to ensure all identifying labels, marks, asset tags and references to customer are removed.

Data Sanitisation

Thorough data cleansing protects the confidential and sensitive nature of data. You can be sure information does not end up in the public domain when IT equipment is retired.

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