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Cyclone is a New Zealand owned ICT company that provides procurement capability for NZ All of Government agencies, tertiary institutions, schools and commercial organisations via this transactional site.

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Device Management Solutions

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Cyclone provides various platforms that can offer you a better experience and outcome. The aim is to simplify deployments and save staff time and resource for their core functions. Your devices can be managed by Cyclone, allowing apps and configurations to be distributed to users and / or devices wirelessly, with no user interaction required. New devices can even be configured before being delivered to enable use straight out of the box. The management solutions we provide can work across various platforms.


With bring-your-own device (BYOD) now so prevalent within the modern workplace, coupled with the use of corporate owned devices within Enterprise organisations, there is a growing challenge for IT teams. With our flexible approach, some customer choose to self-manage their environment, using Cyclone for licensing and / or project requirements.


    • Cyclone offers a range of solutions to help you manage your devices and deliver the outcomes you need.
    • Our services are tailored to your requirements, provide painless deployment and ease of management.

Our solution partners include:

Intune – Microsoft Intune enables us to define a device management strategy that fits the requirements of your organisation and allows you to control all the devices and apps on your network from one single console.

With Intune, we can manage Windows devices in the same way you would manage your mobile devices.

Jamf – With Jamf Pro you’ll find no tool manages Apple devices better. Setup, deployment and all ongoing management of devices can be managed by Cyclone. Whether you’ve used Apple for years, or you are just beginning to integrate Apple devices into your environment, Jamf Pro through Cyclone makes management simple and secure.


For both iOS or macOS, gain peace of mind, while saving time and money and giving your end users the experience they want.

Google – Chrome OS Management Console. The web-based Chromebook management console makes it easy to deploy Chromebooks across a site while maintaining fine-tuned control of these devices. Safe browsing, spell check service and lots of features for better administration. Protect the networks, brand devices and have control over user access features.