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Cyclone is a New Zealand owned ICT company that provides procurement capability for NZ All of Government agencies, tertiary institutions, schools and commercial organisations via this transactional site.

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Day One Speakers

Ben Witheford


Principal, Shotover Primary


Ben has been learning since the last third of last century, This is something that he thoroughly enjoys doing.  Finding out more knowledge, gaining further insight that can help in developing understanding and doing better, performing better than yesterday is fulfilling and satisfying.

Ben believes that everything rises and falls on leadership to quote John C Maxwell.  Therefore we should give this far more thought and energy in our schools.
For the last 2 years Ben has had the privilege of establishing Shotover Primary School.  This has been an exciting journey that is far from over.  Prior to beginning this task Ben lead and taught in the deep south.

Bruce Dixon


Co-Founder Modern Learner Media (AU)


Bruce Dixon has spent the bulk of his career developing programs that assist governments to make effective use of technology across their education sector. His strategic work has enabled governments to better manage large scale personal technology deployments, and ensure outcomes that drive both school improvement and ultimately transformation.


His experience across more than 40 countries has led much of the current thinking around personal technology use in school, reflective of his role as a pioneer of 1 to 1 in the early ‘90’s. While his ability to build big-picture strategy has been at the forefront of much of his work of the past decade, he also allocates a deliberate amount of his time to sharing his thinking through keynotes and workshops which support his advocacy for bolder and more ambitious thinking around what universal access to technology now makes possible for young people.

In his own time, Bruce can be found open water swimming, or surfing at Byron Bay.

Website: http://modernlearners.com/

Dr Cheryl Doig


Leadership Futurist, Think Beyond


Cheryl is a leadership futurist who follows leadership trends, exponential technologies and organisational change for the future. She translates ideas into practice, working internationally and virtually with organisations, business leaders and educators. Her passion is for challenging organisations to think differently in order to adapt to a changing future – to think beyond their current leadership realities, while still using the best of the past.


Cheryl has a background in education, including teaching, principalship and governance. She is chairperson of the NZ Brain Research Institute and an Establishment Board member of Haeata Community Campus , a new Year 1-13 school opening in Christchurch in 2017.  Cheryl has a strategic role in Grow Waitaha, a Ministry of Education initiative to support educational change in Christchurch and is currently curating a book on Collaboration . She is a full member of the Association of Professional Futurists and the World Future Society.

Website: http://www.thinkbeyond.co.nz/

Evelyn Aurik


Associate Principal, Shotover Primary


Evelyn’s background is in team teaching using a play based approach in the Junior School while working in a traditional style building. Recently she has joined the Shotover leadership team where she has had the privilege of becoming a part of their journey.

Hamish Barclay

Teacher – St Thomas College of Canterbury


After a successful career as a primary school teacher, Rob Smith has been delivering high quality teacher training in the UK and abroad since 2012. Rob works closely with schools and delivers high impact conferences in order to raise standards in reading and writing through the use of film and image. During the sessions Rob explores a wealth of still and moving images which range from short films, film trailers, and adverts to documentaries, animations and extracts from Hollywood blockbusters, demonstrating techniques which staff can take away and use in school immediately.

Kate Brown


Curriculum Design and Delivery


Kate Brown is a New Zealand educator passionate about transforming learning for students through supporting schools to develop curriculum from early childhood to Year 13, that is engaging, connects with the students and is based around important conceptual understandings.

She has led workshops and presented at conferences in New Zealand and overseas for the past 10 years.   In her career she has held teaching, administration and curriculum development posts in International Baccalaureate international schools and New Zealand schools.

She holds a Master in Education and certification from The Lynn Erickson Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Institute, Montana, USA.

Website:  http://www.edukatenz.com/

EdTalk:  http://www.edtalks.org/#/video/concept-based-curriculum-and-instruction

Keryn Hooker


Associate Principal Senior School, Methven Primary


Keryn is a passionate user of digital technologies in all areas of our Primary School setting. As the Associate Principal of the senior school and eLearning leader, she enjoys working alongside others on their journey to use 0365 to enhance their classroom programmes. 0365 has become the complete platform of the teaching, learning, administration and data gathering/storing. We are dedicated OneNote users!

Keryn became a Microsoft Innovative Educator – Expert in 2014, and has enjoyed collaborating with MIE-E’s across NZ to further develop her skills. “As we develop our curriculum, the 21st Century skills are becoming the back bone that underpin all that we do.”

Mary-Anne Murphy


Transformational Leadership


Mary-Anne Murphy is a Leadership Coach and Trainer with over 22 years experience in education including positions as a school leader, national eLearning facilitator and lead Organisational Development Advisor within a tertiary institute of over 900 staff. Utilising a blend of theory and practical application, Mary-Anne will teach you the HOW of developing yourself as a courageous confident leader.

Website: www.mary-annemurphy.com

Monique Simpson


Cyclone Digital Learning Specialist


Monique joined Cyclone in June 2016.  She previously worked with Cognition Education as a Learning with Digital Technologies Facilitator.  She is Secondary trained and was a Head of Department for Technology and taught Information Communications Technology.  Monique has worked with schools to develop professional learning cultures with a focus on building collaborative spaces. She inspires teachers to share practice and encourage students to reflect and communicate through online learning environments to meet the needs of students while extending learning opportunities.


Recently, she is supporting schools on digital fluency and making connections to the New Zealand Curriculum and Key Competencies.  She works with teachers and leaders to capture and embed effective teaching and learning opportunities and to encourage deep reflection through the teaching as inquiry process. Monique has experience in a range of online tools, such as Office365 and Google Apps for Education, to support effective teaching and learning.

Pam Hook




Pam Hook is an experienced educational consultant.  She works with educators in New Zealand and internationally to develop students’ surface, deep and conceptual learning. Pam uses SOLO Taxonomy as a model of learning to make the cognitive complexity of the learning task and the learning outcome visible.  She supports an extensive global network of educators who use SOLO in teaching and learning.  Pam has written many peer reviewed articles, chapters and books (refer publications). She also writes curriculum resources for business and government departments, and advises on the pedagogical design of curriculum materials.

Website: http://pamhook.com/

Rachael Hoddinott


eLearning Consultant


Rachael is an experienced, innovative, and passionate facilitator who is proficient in GAFE, O365, Apple and is all about learning. She has a background in primary teaching, having taught for 28 years in Canterbury, Wellington and Auckland. She has taught primary students across all levels, but more recently has taught years 7 and 8. She also been a curriculum coordinator, an Assistant Principal, a Numeracy Advisor, and a GATE teacher.
Rachael has a passion for working with teachers and supporting them, particularly related to e-learning and individualised learning programmes to best meet the needs of all learners.

Rachel Chisnall


E-learning Facilitator & Teacher in Charge of Chemistry, Taieri College


Rachel Chisnall is a passionate educator at Taieri College who is looking to break the mould of traditional schooling. In pursuit of this she co-founded #scichatNZ, became an MIEE fellow, killed chickens in minecraft and has had an awful lot of fun.

Website: www.ibpossum.com

Steve Moudley


Deputy Principal, Lynfield College


Steve Mouldey is Deputy Principal at Lynfield College in Auckland. He is a Google Certified Innovator and in 2015 was a Core Education eFellow. He is passionate about empathy, agency and personalisation of learning and can often be found on twitter or his blog discussing these or his latest edu reading.

Website: https://stevemouldey.wordpress.com/

Tetli Carey


Teacher, Shotover Primary


Tetli is a teacher in the Junior Part of the School and has been team teaching with four others for the last 18 months. She came to the role from a background of collaboration and teaming outside of education and strongly believes that we can do the best for our students in this environment.

Tim Muir


Cyclone Digital Learning Specialist


Tim Muir joined the Cyclone PLD team as Microsoft Teacher Ambassador in August 2016. People describe Tim as an energetic,  passionate and enthusiastic. He has just come from St Thomas College of Canterbury where he worked in a successful collaborative environment. He worked hard as Dean to support the boys there to be the best they could be.

Tim started using OneNote in 2014 and it completely changed the face of teaching and learning for his team of teachers and students. Tim found that using OneNote supported his philosophy of putting learning first, and using technology as a tool to enhance their programme.

Day Two Speakers

Alice Irvine


Alice is a foundation member of the team at Shotover Primary, having moved to Queenstown to take up the position when the school opened. Her passion is in curriculum development. In addition to her role as a member of the teaching team, she has taken up the opportunity to lead and work collaboratively with a team focused on developing Key Competencies within the curriculum programme.

Chris Murphy


Principal, Methven Primary


Chris has worked throughout his years as a teacher and principal to make the most out of digital tools as a way to enhance teaching and learning. This journey has taken him from 5 ½ inch floppy disks to cloud-based school wide solutions. In 2016 his school, Methven Primary, was given the accolade of being a Microsoft Showcase School; one of only two primary schools in New Zealand with this honour.

Claire Buist


Associate Principal, Shotover Primary


Claire Buist is Associate Principal at Shotover Primary School. She is keen to ensure that teachers, school leaders and Boards of Trustees have a clear understanding and beliefs around intellectual property and the sharing of copyright works.

Emma Watt


DATS (Design, Arts, Technology & Science) Leader, Shotover Primary


Emma a maker and tinkerer by accident (mixed in with a healthy spoonful of curiosity) experimented from an early age creating ‘things’ through sewing, building lego creations, doodling, sculpting and…well, anything hands on! Emma believes that we learn by thinking with our hands, working with readily available materials and getting a little bit messy!
Now in her dream job (Design, Arts, Technology & Science Leader) at Shotover Primary School, Emma gets to make and tinker with other learners everyday! Her one sentence job description is ‘…to lead the igniting of curiosity for meaningful making and learning’ for both teachers and students.

Hilary Boyce


Principal, Wakanui School


Knowing what you want to achieve before choosing the tool to get the job done is how Hilary has navigated the digital revolution. She believes that it doesn’t matter what you choose as long as it will meet the goals you have set; for yourself, your staff, your students or your parents. Hilary says “I love the challenge of change and whilst I always keep the learner at the centre of the context, a little bit of fun and games along the way just keeps it all in the real world.”

Karen Spencer


Director of Education Netsafe


Karen is Director of Education at NetSafe. She leads national educational programmes that help schools create meaningful and safe digital spaces for learning. She is internationally recognised for her expertise in the smart design of future-focused learning and professional development — and she brings energy, humour and a strongly inclusive approach. Karen’s 20+ years in teaching, national project leadership and international consultancy offer a rich mix of experience and expertise.

Email: karens@netsafe.org.nz 

Neill O’Reilly


Principal, Waitākiri Primary School


He has led his school through a merger, dual sites, a new school build, a paradigm shift to co-teaching in flexible spaces and at the same time wrote a thesis exploring the key components to create effective collaborative teaching and learning environments. Neill is a regular speaker locally and nationally and has hosted over 2500 teachers and leaders to Waitākiri School over the last 12 months.

Phillipa Dick


Hatch Education


Phillipa is passionate about innovative and authentic student-driven learning. After teaching for twenty years she has set up he own business, Hatch Education. Phillipa wanted to provide a venue where kids can explore and innovate with a range of technologies but her main passion is for effecting change in schools and supporting teachers in practical ways to integrate design thinking and new technologies into their classroom practice. “I love that I am continually learning alongside the students and teachers and I love the fabulous ideas
that kids, our change makers of the future, come up with.”

Website: www.hatch.education

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hatchdunedin

Stephen McConnachie


E-Learning Coordinator and Mathematics Teacher


Stephen is the e-Learning Coordinator and a Mathematics teacher at Middleton Grange School in Christchurch. He loves drinking coffee and playing music with his wife Rachel and his cat Pixel.

Sue Furndorfler


Associate Principal, Methven Primary – Junior School


Sue has been Associate Principal at Methven Primary School for the past 13 years. Based in the Junior School, and currently working in the Year 2 & 3 area. Curriculum Co-ordinator is her main area of Leadership at MPS, where she oversees Curriculum development and innovation.

Keynote Speakers


Aaron Tait

Education Changemakers

Aaron is the co-founder and Director of Innovation of Education Changemakers, and brings the radical thinking element to EC that helps us to stand out from other players in the global professional learning landscape. His ability to draw upon out of the box ideas and challenge education audiences to trial new concepts is globally recognised and is well illustrated in EC’s recently published book ‘Edupreneur: Unleashing teacher led innovation in schools’ of which Aaron was the lead author.


Dave Faulkner

Education Changemakers

Dave is the CEO and co-founder of Education Changemakers, and as one of Australia’s most awarded educators has vast experience leading change at the school, regional and national level. An expert in the development of education leaders, with a proven track record at the highest levels, Dave matches a powerful grasp on grassroots realities with strong insights at system level. Dave’s education leadership journey began as a principal of an Australian school when he was only 24, and throughout his twenties he built a powerful reputation as a leader who could achieve strong outcomes across a range of education contexts.


Ian Taylor

Research Animation Ltd

Ian holds an LLB from the University of Otago, and was inducted into the New Zealand Hi-Tech Hall of Fame in 2009. In 2010 he was named North & South magazine’s New Zealander of the Year. In the same year he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the New Zealand Computer Society, the top honour of the ICT sector in New Zealand.