History of Aotearoa: Minecraft Live Lessons

Join us for our series of History of Aotearoa: Minecraft Live Lessons.

Where we will facilitate a lesson within your classroom.

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Tuesday, June 21st
9:30am – 11:00am


Wednesday, June 29th
9:30am – 11:00am


History of Aotearoa - Build your own history lesson in Minecraft

Following on from the success of the Active Citizen Live Lessons in Term 1, Cyclone is excited to announce another two Live Lessons, this time focused on your students as creators of their own Minecraft lesson based on an event or person of their choosing.

On the 21st of June, the first lesson will assist your students to pick an event or person in Aotearoa’s history to research. They will be guided on what information they will require in order to make their Minecraft lesson as impactful as possible.

Then the attendees will get hands on in Minecraft Education Edition and learn about World Builder Mode. They will be shown how to create NPCs (non playing characters) and how to make them talk and offer options to the person playing their world.

Student’s will learn about:

  • Deny and Allow blocks
  • Structure blocks
  • NPCs
  • Commands that NPCs can issue
  • How best to set their world up and build

Students will be given time to explore and test out these skills.

The students will then be given a week to research and start building their worlds.

On the 29th June, the second lesson will assist in focusing the students on the task. Any submitted questions over the week will be answered and ideas and worlds under construction will be shared.

The second lesson will introduce to the students their “Authentic Audience”. All completed worlds will be loaded to a website to be shared with educators all over New Zealand. Students will be required to construct a basic lesson plan to load up with their world.

More hands on time will be allocated for students to carry on working on their History of Aotearoa world. Q & A and more modelling will be provided to assist.

Students will be given training on how to submit the world and the lesson plan and given till end of week 1 term 3 to complete their worlds.

The end goal will be a variety of Minecraft worlds available to NZ Schools, complete with lesson plans that assist teachers all over Aotearoa to integrate Minecraft into the Histories Curriculum.

Never used Minecraft in the classroom before? Do not stress! You do not need to be using Microsoft or Microsoft Teams to join these sessions. Live lessons are a great first step to introducing you to Minecraft and it’s potential to engage students in immersive and interactive learning experiences.

A Minecraft Live Lesson is a lesson that is taught virtually. The lesson will be hosted by one of our teachers from the Professional Learning team from Cyclone. They will function as a guest teacher in your classroom for the Live Lesson. The live lesson will be approximately 90 minutes long.

A recording of the event will also be sent out to all those who have registered after the Live Lesson has finished.

These lessons can be run regardless of whether your school is operating face-to-face, remotely or in a hybrid setting. If you are teaching in person, the Live lesson will be projected in front of the class, and you will facilitate the lesson by roaming the room to support students. If you are teaching from home, you will send the Teams link straight to students to join and will need to be available to support student remotely.