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Case Study: Hukanui Primary

A case study of collaborative partnership with implementation of Microsoft learning technologies.
Cyclone > Case Study: Hukanui Primary
Impac logoOver the last ten years Impac has become New Zealand’s leading provider of health and safety services and now supports over 10,000 individuals and 1300 organizations each year to prevent serious harm happening to people as a consequence of work.


Our confidence in our ability to deliver the very best in H&S services is evidenced by independent research and underpinned by our commitment to delivering solutions that add value to our clients.


Market research completed by Colmar Brunton in 2015 showed that the level of satisfaction with Impac’s training is more than 40% higher than the next best training provider andPaul Kennedy the highest satisfaction score Colmar Brunton have seen in any market.


Microsoft Technologies and Cyclone have enabled our nationally distributed team to continue collaborating and sharing ideas while growing rapidly in order to meet increasing demand for our services.

I’m confident that our partnership with Cyclone and use of Microsoft technologies will ensure we are well placed to continue leading the market


Paul Kennedy, CE, January 2016

The Challenge

Impac manages a nationwide network of specialist consultants and trainers. Impac employs brilliant individuals who each bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the team. It is therefore crucial for the company to ensure that the collective intelligence of its people can be harnessed and put towards the betterment of the company and its clients. Every Impac specialist needs access to tools and information that enables them to be at their best. Impac required a digital technology solution that would support the ongoing growth and development of a team of specialists as well as the company’s continuous
improvement processes.

The Solution

Cyclone worked alongside Impac staff to design and develop a bespoke SharePoint environment that helps to manage Impac’s training operation, including the management, continuous improvement, and delivery of resources that support a range of training programmes.


Impac’s team of trainers are geographically spread across New Zealand. Impac’s SharePoint environment has become an enabler of an improved quality management system for Impac and one that encourages staff to collaborate and share ideas for improvement.


One of Cyclone’s digital learning specialist learning facilitators and Microsoft expert, Megan designed and conducted workshops to help reach agreement on the architecture of Impac’s SharePoint environment.
She then trained some of Impac’s staff members before working with them to build the environment.


Once developed and tested, Megan delivered user training to Impac’s training team and has subsequently remained a wonderful source of ongoing guidance and support.


The solution was designed specifically for Impac’s needs as a tertiary education provider and professional services provider. However, the resulting design and functionality of the environment would appeal to a wide range of organisations.


Impac’s key requirements included improved data and information management, collaboration between teams, and increased levels of staff participation in quality assurance processes.

Revision and Training

Impac had already invested in Office 365 and its staff was already familiar with some of the functionality available through MS Office applications and in some cases, SharePoint.


Key internal stakeholders, such as the company’s ICT Manager, were comfortable with Microsoft technologies from a back-end or infrastructure standpoint. However, many staff members also needed to have their understanding and confidence in Microsoft technologies reinvigorated, including what is currently possible through the use of improved or new applications and tools.


SharePoint had been implemented in the past, however, a consultative approach was not taken to the design process. The resulting environment did not reflect the unique needs of each business unit. It was also visually unappealing and no user training had been provided to staff members.


Megan and the team from Cyclone were able to regain or confirm Impac’s faith in Microsoft technologies before working with the Impac team to move the company forward. Some key internal stakeholders needed to be reminded of the advantages of using Microsoft Technology instead of any other solutions available.


Getting the company to a point where their use of Microsoft technologies could empower their contributions took frequent one- on-one conversations between Megan and Impac staff members. Concurrently, group meetings were run where Megan was able to demonstrate the reasons why Microsoft is the best choice.


From a technical perspective, the company’s ICT Manager was particularly interested in confirming the level of security available. Training team members were inspired by what they would be able to achieve to help them better meet client needs, through the use of Office 365 and other MS applications.

Impact on the staff and continuous improvement

The solution is designed to enable more efficient and effective internal product development, delivery, and continuous improvement processes for Impac.


A key benefit of the new environment is its ability to allow individual staff members to participate in product development and also continuous improvement processes.


With the new ‘Issues Log’, ‘Ideas Logs’, and Yammer Groups in place, team members are able to share their ideas in a variety of ways. Reports can be run to extract the team’s collective input in advance of product review meetings for specific training courses delivered by Impac.


By creating SharePoint sites for each course, trainers now have quick access to the most up-to-date and quality-assured resources. More meaningful discussion can now take place between team members who are involved in the design, delivery, or quality assurance processes for each course. This has resulted in internal communities of subject specialists being established.
Prior to the implementation of Impac’s bespoke SharePoint environment, collaboration between specialists was impacted by the fact that many team members work in isolation and only interact with other trainers and consultants in their local area. This was compounded by the fact that interaction and idea sharing within the clusters of specialists that did exist, was not being effectively documented and then leveraged by the company as a whole.


Continuous improvement and developments that were the result of the thoughts and suggestions of front line staff members were difficult to demonstrate, it was a difficult process to decide what needed to be done to improve a product and better meet the needs of clients and was often left to one or two individuals to do. That has now changed significantly.

Strategic Partnership: Training Development Manager

The SharePoint solution that Cyclone helped Impac to design and implement was a crucial first step towards ensuring Impac’s curricula could be kept up-to-date, relevant, and engaging through the ongoing use of stakeholder input.


Training resource and reference materials that are developed
and made available to trainers via SharePoint are readily accessible and therefore able to ensure that trainers can spend more time assisting learners and less time worrying about where to find things.


Impac has continued to work closely with Cyclone and their digital learning facilitators. Combining this with other MS technologies and expertise we
are now exploring integration with MS Dynamics CRM.


Summary of the solutions delivered to the core audience

The core audience for Impac’s SharePoint environment consists of its our training delivery, administration, and management teams. A summary includes:


Training Delivery Team:


Ability to collaborate with fellow specialists and contribute ideas towards continuous improvement of products and services.


Updates to training resources can be made once, trainers are automatically notified of the change, and have immediate access to the most up-to-date version.


Trainers can receive key information that lets them stay up-to-date in the specific topics they specialise in or places they go to when delivering services to clients.


Training Administrators and Managers:


Input from front-line staff is captured and readily available for analysis in support of decision-making and continuous improvement.


Greater efficiencies achieved through having everyone working from the same source of information and less time spent repeating or distributing information.


Easier to consolidate meaningful evidence to present to external agencies during audits or external evaluations.


Cliff Magon, Impac, Training Development Manager


Examples of the SharePoint internal staff navigation screens designed and implemented to enable improved access,

communication and current resource sharing between remote expert staff members, their colleagues and management.

Cliff Magon


Training Development Manager

Impac Services Limited
Mobile: +64 21 403607


Arnika Macphail


Professional Learning Manager

Microsoft Digital Learning Specialist
Mobile: +64 21 992 931