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5 Dominant Devices Driving Schools in 2019

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5 Dominant Devices Driving Schools in 2019

When the turn of the new year arrives, the web becomes a wash with articles outlining everything from the top clothing styles to look out for to where to get the best ravioli in your respective town or city. Not one to shy away from trends, the Cyclone team put their heads together to come up with an article that was both topically current, but more importantly, thoughtful and informative.


With over 60 specialised staff across New Zealand, what better way to start than on the education front, where all manner of change and innovation is occurring thanks to the new Digital Technologies Curriculum, and the ever-changing landscape of technology. So, without further ado, here are Cyclone’s 5 devices that we think can help your school flourish in 2019.


1. HP ProBook x360 11 Education Edition


HP has long been committed to education, designing custom devices optimised for the purpose of learning, teaching, and eliminating unnecessary downtime. The ProBook x360 11 series, which comes in Generations 1 through 4, personifies HP’s commitment. We can all agree school life can be rugged, and students need devices that can withstand such a lifestyle. Thanks to a moulded rubber trim and spill-resistant keyboard, the ProBook won’t falter under pressure.


Students now collaborate in real time daily, and project-based learning is only becoming more prevalent as a pre-cursor to adult professional life. Pre-loaded with Windows 10 and other out-of-the-box tools like HP Family Pack 2.0, your students won’t miss a shared document or update on a project, in class or at home.


2. HP Sprout Pro


Perhaps the keynote speaker in HP’s educational bag of tricks, “regardless if it’s in a classroom, in a lab or in the library, Sprout Pro is a learning environment for learners of all ages and abilities.”1 Possessing more tools than a swiss army knife, the Sprout Pro gives teachers and students the ability to enhance and transform the way they interact with technology.


STEAM is a concept quickly gaining momentum in education and the Sprout Pro can facilitate learning in 3D design and engineering, coding and robotics, data-driven research as well as high-level teamwork. From a creative perspective you can utilise its touch interface and multimedia apps alongside 2D and 3D scanning capabilities to design an array of creative, project-based learning activities. Irrespective of the environment or activity, the Sprout Pro thrives as an educational tool.


3. HP Stream 11 Pro


Brimming with features at an affordable price, the HP Stream 11 Pro is designed with primary and early high school students in mind. A cloud-first education notebook, the Stream comes pre-installed with Windows 10 giving you access to a vast ecosystem of education applications, as well as a whopping 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage.


Perfect for the modern classroom, the small but sleek Stream facilitates the anywhere, anytime lifestyle that the digital age has enabled across our society. Affordable, easy to manage and deploy, the Stream is a fantastic BYOD device, and with a variety of colours to choose from, even the pickiest of students will have little to complain about.


4. HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset


Imagine when you were learning about Ancient Rome for the first time, how much better would that experience have been if you had the ability to physically see the landscape and architecture in all its grandeur? Well, with the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset, teachers can showcase the wonders of world’s past to their students through applications like Holo Tour, while also giving them the ability to create in 3D with Masterpiece VR. Mixed Reality has the ability to drive deeper learning experiences for students, and the HP Headset can be the vehicle to those experiences.


5. HP EliteBook x360


Education is in a state of transition, curriculums are shifting and the learning outcomes and activities are becoming more varied and demanding. The HP EliteBook x360 can be the one device a senior high school student needs to make an impact. Whether their passion lies in the arts, engineering or the sciences, the EliteBook’s four modes of use (Laptop, Tent, Tablet, and Media) can facilitate even the most demanding of learning requirements.


Housing the HP Premium Collaboration Keyboard alongside a premium audio experience, students can collaborate on vital, education-defining assignments with ease, while the embedded technology of HP Sure View, Sure Click and Sure Run means they can learn with piece of mind knowing their invaluable work is safe and secure.


Achieving desired outcomes through technology isn’t always an easy process, but giving your teaching staff and students the confidence that they’ve got the right technology at their disposal to achieve their desired outcomes is invaluable.


At Cyclone, we believe that our proven and focused experience in the education arena is unparalleled in the New Zealand market, ensuring your school has the right tools for success. To learn more about our 5 dominant devices for 2019, or to speak with one of our experts, give us a call on 0800 686 686, or visit www.cyclone.co.nz


1How can Sprout Pro improve learning outcomes? https://www8.hp.com/au/en/solutions/education/immersive-learning/discover.html