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Cyclone is a New Zealand owned ICT company that provides procurement capability for NZ All of Government agencies, tertiary institutions, schools and commercial organisations via this transactional site.

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Our team (including our MOE accredited staff) have the expertise and experience to help your staff develop responsible and effective digital teaching and learning strategies. We provide tailored face to face and online professional learning. We aim to empower teachers to integrate a digital environment effectively that is in line with ministry of education expectations.


Digital fluency attributes are the competencies that students and teachers require to participate effectively with digital tools. Becoming digitally fluent requires teachers and students to have a deep understanding and capability to select and critically analyse digital tools that will promote successful learner outcomes.

What can we offer your school or CoL?


Through our Develop Engage Sustain model we take a tailored approach to work with your school or CoL. Here are some examples of what we can support you with.

Strategic Planning (Leadership)

Mentoring (Lead Teachers)

Fluency & Capability (All Staff)

Digital Fluency (All Staff)


  • Needs analysis and alignment of school-wide goals
  • Goals & Action Plan for PLD
  • BYOD planning and implementation
  • Pedagogical design for learning
  • Leading staff through change
  • Develop mentoring skills
  • Future thinking and PLD direction
  • Digital fluency pedagogy
  • Identify teacher and learner need
  • Resources and digital tools available in the chosen environments
  • Understanding what digital fluency is
  • Identify the values, skills and beliefs of leaders, teachers, students and the community for digital fluency


  • Utilising Teaching as Inquiry model
  • Assisting Teacher Appraisal
  • Whanau engagement
  • Support curriculum design
  • Leading digital fluency pedagogy and professional development
  • Utilising digital tools to support innovative pedagogy (learner agency, ILE’s)
  • Design pedagogical based curriculum to meet learner needs
  • Evidence impact through teaching as inquiry
  • Raise skills, knowledge and capacity to use digital tools effectively
  • Make connections to the values of the school and key competencies in the context of your school.
  • Build a graduate profile at each year level for digital fluent students.
  • Implement digital fluency and engage with the school community.


  • Infrastructure needs
  • Review and reflection
  • Budgeting for the future
  • Supporting lead team & staff
  • PLG engagement
  • Embedding school-wide communication culture
  • Embedding Teaching as Inquiry
  • Interacting with PLGs to share and reflect on practice
  • Utilise Teaching as Inquiry and PTC progression
  • Develop procedures and structures for digital fluency.

Other Services

Workshops & Afternoon Teas

Partner Funding Models

Digital Resource Development

Managed Services


A range of skill and pedagogically focused sessions. Covering Google, Apple and Microsoft Platforms.

Microsoft, Apple, HP and Google PLD funding available to support device procurement.

Design templates, intranets and websites using O365, Google and Apple to suit your needs.

Working with schools to support IT managers and infrastructure or full management and control of IT services. PLD included.

Events that showcase the power of digital technologies in education. These can be organised or tailored to your region.

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