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Cyclone is a New Zealand owned ICT company that provides procurement capability for NZ All of Government agencies, tertiary institutions, schools and commercial organisations via this transactional site.

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Your expert Digital Technologies training partner

Jo Nicol


MOE Accredited to deliver Digital Technologies: Hangarau Matihiko


Jo leads the Cyclone PLD team. She is a MoE Accredited PLD Facilitator, New Zealand registered teacher and has a postgraduate qualification in digital and collaborative learning. Jo is passionate about helping educators create and develop future focused and student centred learning environments with strengths in using G Suite for Education and Design Thinking.


Twitter: @jonicolnz
Linkedin: Jo Nicol

Jo’s strengths are:

  • Using G Suite for Education to enhance teaching and learning
  • Digital Fluency across the school community
  • Future-focused pedagogy
  • Design Thinking
  • Teaching as Inquiry

Brad Thomas


MOE Accredited to deliver Digital Technologies: Hangarau Matihiko


Brad is an experienced Digital Learning Designer, Google Certified Teacher and an MOE Accredited PLD facilitator. He has worked extensively with school leaders and teachers to develop effective digital strategies to to support and enhance teaching and learning. Brad is passionate about supporting others to reach their goals using technology and as a Level Two Google Certified Educator he is passionate about the opportunities that G Suite for Education provide for enhancing student outcomes.

Brad’s strengths are:

  • Digital Fluency
  • Culturally Responsive Learning Design
  • Literacy Years 4 to 10
  • Developing a Multi Modal literacy approach
  • Strategic Planning
  • G Suite for Education
  • Teaching as Inquiry

Anthony Breese


MOE Accredited to deliver Digital Technologies: Hangarau Matihiko


Anthony is a MoE-Accredited PLD facilitators and has been a registered NZ teachers for the past 19 years in the Primary and Intermediate sector. Anthony is passionate about using technologies, student agency in the classroom and enjoys passing on his ideas to passionate teachers.

He has skills in Innovative Learning Environments, strategic planning and developing digital learning programme to support students and teachers to enhance learning opportunities. Anthony has strong knowledge using Apple, Google Suite, and Microsoft Education, using Learning Management systems and using studio recording digital music.


Twitter: @slicnz

Linkedin: Anthony Breese

Blog: www.slic.nz

Anthony’s strengths are:

  • MoE-Accredited PLD Facilitator
  • Using digital technologies to enhance teaching and learning
  • Using Apple, Google Suite and Microsoft in Education
  • eLearning and strategic planning
  • Teacher in an Innovative Learning Environment (Flipping the Classroom)
  • Digital Music and Recording

Nathan Scott


Nathan is a passionate, future-focused educator who strives to make a difference for teachers and learners in all aspects of their learning journey. Nathan has been a registered NZ teacher for the past 15 years in the secondary sector teaching Mathematics, Computer science, and Robotics. Nathan strongly believes that it is best for a learner (at any age) to actively engage with hands-on experiences in learning spaces that are safe for them to experiment and explore; to try, to succeed and to fail.

Nathan’s strengths are:

  • Computer Science
  • Robotics
  • Digital Technologies
  • Numeracy and Mathematics
  • G Suite for Education
  • Future-focused and student centred learning

Emma Planicka


MOE Accredited to deliver Digital Technologies: Hangarau Matihiko


Emma is part of the Apple Consultancy Network. She has over 11 years’ experience in education. She has a passion for providing meaningful learning experiences and is strong in both Apple and Google platforms. Emma enjoys working in a collaborative manner to source useful resources and practical ideas.



Linkedin Profile

Emma’s strengths are:

  • MoE-Accredited PLD Facilitator
  • Using Google Suite effectively in teaching and learning
  • Digital Fluency across the school community
  • Providing meaningful learning experiences, practical ideas and useful resources
  • Redefining teaching and learning using iPads

Rachael Hoddinott


MOE Accredited to deliver Digital Technologies: Hangarau Matihiko


Rachael is a Microsoft Master Trainer and Google Certified Teacher. She has a real passion for technology in the classroom, and has helped many educators on their pathway to blogging and coding. Rachael believes in streamlining IT processes to ensure schools and workplaces can work together to get the most out of the environment.

Rachael’s strengths are:

  • MoE – Accredited PLD Facilitator
  • Strategy and delivery of IT processes
  • Microsoft, Google and Apple Ecosystems
  • Coding
  • Numeracy

Craig Render


MOE Accredited to deliver Digital Technologies: Hangarau Matihiko


Craig is a Microsoft Innovative Educator with over 10 years teaching experience at low decile schools in New Zealand. He is passionate about enhancing the learning experience using Office 365 tools and apps. Craig has expertise in facilitating whole school strategic change, Teacher as Inquiry and developing 21st century, student focused curriculum. The link between Te Ao Maori and technology is at the center of Craig’s PLD approach.

Craig’s strengths are:

  • MoE – Accredited PLD Facilitator
  • Microsoft Innovative Educator
  • Teaching and learning with Office 365
  • Developing strategic plans
  • Differentiated Professional Development
  • Teacher as Inquiry
  • Inquiry Based Learning
  • Coding and Robotics

Alistair West


Alistair is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and has recently completed a Master of Education at Victoria University. Alistair has led the development of ICT strategic planning, professional development and curriculum design in both primary and secondary schools Originally primary trained, Alistair has worked as Assistant Principal, ICT Manager, Director of E-Learning, Head of Technology as well as teaching from Year 2 to Y13 with his specialist subjects being Digital Technologies, History and Social Studies.

Alistair’s strengths are:

  • Digital Fluency
  • Office 365 – OneNote, Teams, Sharepoint
  • Digital Technologies
  • Curriculum design
  • Computational Thinking
  • Robotics
  • NCEA programme planning
  • G Suite for Education
  • Innovative learning environments
  • Interdisciplinary planning

Cyclone Associates

Lynne Thomas


Lynne is a MoE-Accredited PLD Facilitator. She has worked extensively in ICT advisory and facilitation roles to develop digital strategies and effective pedagogy for future focused learning and teaching. She uses the Spiral of Inquiry framework to structure collaborative professional learning and development.

Lynne’s strengths are:

  • Learning with digital technologies
  • Working with school leadership teams to develop their digital technologies strategic planning
  • Teaching as Inquiry
  • Digital fluency and Digital citizenship
  • Using Google Suite to transform learning and teaching
  • Providing practical ideas and useful resources

Adam Wehi


MOE Accredited to deliver Digital Technologies: Hangarau Matihiko

Adam is a MoE Accredited PLD Facilitator who is a fully qualified teacher with 18 years teaching experience in mainstream, Kura Kaupapa and tertiary settings. He has a postgraduate qualification in bi-lingual and total immersion teaching (te reo Māori). Adam specialises in creating student centred, collaborative learning environments where students can explore and learn using contexts most relevant to them and the world around them.

He combines the latest digital teaching tools and teaching methods with innovative learning environments in order to create 21st century classrooms where students can utilise their strengths and interests to be active motivated lifelong learners.

Adam’s strengths are:

  • MOE-Accredited PLD Facilitator
  • Multimedia – print, audio and video engineering
  • 3D modelling, animation, design and manufacturing
  • Student driven collaborative planning, team teaching
  • Hapū, Iwi and community place based curriculum design
  • Maori pedagogues, arts, science, language and customs

Tracey Pacheo


MOE Accredited to deliver Digital Technologies: Hangarau Matihiko

Tracey is a MoE-Accredited PLD Facilitator, specialising in digital fluency and blended inquiry. She has worked with multiple schools with the focus on engaging, enhancing and deepening learning using digital technologies. Most projects will also involve curriculum design, providing students with authentic opportunities for critical thinking, blending inquiry models with digital technology.

Tracey has been delivering content from the new digital curriculum for many years with experience and skills in computational thinking and designing and developing digital outcomes.

Tracey’s strengths are:

  • E-learning reviews and development of strategic e-learning plans
  • Hands on workshops and PLD specific to year levels
  • In class PLD sessions, modelling best practice
  • Collaborative Planning and Teaching
  • Curriculum integration, blended inquiry and critical thinking
  • Computational thinking
  • G-suite, Chrome Apps, Web tools, iPad Apps, Blogging, LMS, Digital portfolios

Troy Smith


Troy is a Microsoft Expert Educator and 21st Century Learning Design Teacher Trainer.  He is a registered teacher actively working in online distant education with Te Kura.  Troy is an education and instruction developer for www.codeavengers.com.

He is an expert in Learning Management Systems and is passionate and experienced in using robotics across the curriculum.



Linkedin Profile


Troy’s strengths are:

  • MoE-Accredited PLD Facilitator
  • Robotics and Programming
  • LMS Implementation
  • ELearning Planning
  • 21CLD and Microsoft training

Jarrod Aberhart


MOE Accredited to deliver Digital Technologies: Hangarau Matihiko


Jarrod is a MIE Expert and Microsoft Master Trainer. He is a registered teacher and provides training and online resources in ICT and Business Studies. Jarrod is passionate about school wide ICT strategic planning and implementing change management to achieve this.


Twitter: @JarrodAberhart

Linkedin: Jarrod Aberhart

Jarrod’s strengths are:

  • MOE-Accredited PLD Facilitator
  • 21CLD and Microsoft training
  • Project based learning
  • 21st Century Pedagogy
  • Flipping the Classroom

Kate Brown


MOE Accredited to deliver Digital Technologies: Hangarau Matihiko

Kate is passionate about supporting schools to redesign the curriculum so that is engaging, subject-integrated, relevant, and based around building students’ conceptual understandings.
She is MOE Accredited to deliver centrally funded PLD and works with schools to create the best possible curriculum relevant to the needs and interests of the students.  She is an accredited trainer from the Dr H. Lynn Erickson Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Institute. Kate has many years’ experience as an educator and curriculum developer in New Zealand and international schools overseas.


Twitter: @EduKateNZ

Linkedin: Kate Brown

Blog: www.edukatenz.com

Kate’s strengths are:

  • Concept-based curriculum
  • Subject-integrated curriculum
  • Inquiry pedagogy
  • Assessment for learning
  • Student engagement and agency

Rachel Chisnall


Rachel is a Microsoft Innovative Educator – Fellow, and a Surface Expert. She is a passionate educator who is looking to break the mould of traditional schooling. In pursuit of this she co-founded #scichatNZ, learned to code in Minecraft and has had an awful lot of fun. Rachel strives for practical ways to improve student engagement and outcomes.


Twitter: @ibpossum

Linkedin: Rachel Chisnall


Rachel’s strengths are:

  • Collaborative planning and teaching
  • Office 365 training
  • Inquiry Learning
  • Supporting pedagogical change
  • Digital Fluency
  • Coding and Robotics

Tim Muir


MOE Accredited to deliver Digital Technologies: Hangarau Matihiko


Tim is a Microsoft Master Trainer. As a NZ Registered Teacher he is passionate about supporting teachers throughout NZ to utilize office 365 tools. Tim found that using OneNote supported his philosophy of putting learning first, and using technology as a tool to enhance his program. Contact Tim to book the Microsoft Digital Learning Experience.


Twitter: @TeacherTimMuir

Linkedin: Tim Muir


Tim’s strengths are:

  • Collaborative planning and teaching
  • Office 365 training
  • Inquiry Learning
  • Supporting pedagogical change
  • Digital Fluency
  • Coding and Robotics

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