that works perfectly everywhere you do

Get your Wi-Fi working for you with a free workspace audit

If you're planning a new workspace fit-out or need some help to resolve problems or add enhanced features to an existing network then this special offer from Cyclone is perfect for you.

At no cost and no commitment, we will use our best in class Wi-Fi planning and diagnostic tools to asses your premise, business needs and recommend the Aruba solution that works for you.

This free audit includes:

  • Investigate the internet speed
  • Investigate internal network performance
  • Investigate security of traffic
  • Heatmap your workspaces to identify weak signal areas

*Terms and conditions
Free offer applies to registered New Zealand organisations with 20 to 100 staff at a single premise location.

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that works perfectly everywhere you do

Solving today's Wi-Fi challenges

Give you and your team a full speed network throughout your entire organisation. No flat spots, no inconsistencies, no problems.

No dead Wi-Fi zones in your workspace

Remove the dead zones in your workspaces (indoors and outdoors) with access points that connect together to create a seamless Wi-Fi experience everywhere.

Say goodbye to lagging video calls

Say goodbye to video lagging during conference calls. Aruba automatically prioritises the bandwidth for business video and voice calls.

Enterprise-grade security features

Take control of your network with enterprise-grade security that’s a breeze to manage with the Aruba smartphone app.

Easy deployment with Cyclone

Cyclone helps you plan and deploy a Wi-Fi 6 network that will be effective and affordable for your organisational needs.

Designed for modern working

Change the game with best in class connectivity

You and your connected devices can tap into the fastest speeds automatically, with strong coverage across indoor and outdoor spaces and no traffic bottlenecks.

Easy set up and management

The Aruba App makes your business Wi-Fi incredibly simple. Monitor and manage your business network anywhere from your phone, and keep tabs on who is connecting to which sites and apps.

Blazing fast and wicked smart

Automatic data routing keeps all your info flowing on the fastest path. If an error is detected, your network heals itself. Connect all your devices, even those with a wired connection, including POS terminals, security cameras, smart locks, printers, smart TVs, and more.

Security at no extra cost

Security shouldn’t be an add-on; it’s a must-have. It’s included at no extra cost with Aruba. Easily separate business and employee traffic from customer traffic. Set hours for network availability and block specific sites and app categories to ward off malicious activity.