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Adapt to the changed work environment with HP devices managed for you by Cyclone's experts


Last year shook the work world, and it’s safe to assume that 2021 could bring even more changes.

But with the right devices you can future proof your business, even if you can’t predict what’s ahead. Cyclone’s Device as a Service uses proven technology to address the need for agility, control and security. All delivered with a Kiwi can-do attitude, and a careful eye on the budget.

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As technology and working environments change it’s important to assess your needs regularly. Cyclone TechAssess will identify areas for digital transformation, and find ways to trim your costs. With our finger on the pulse of technology trends we’ll make sure your organisation is adaptable and future-ready.

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IT Simplified. Resources Maximised. With Cyclone and HP Device as a Service.

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6 key factors for choosing a Cyclone and HP DaaS solution for your organisation

Budget and cashflow

A per-device, per-month fixed term cost makes budgeting easy. All your hardware, software, managed services, and support costs are calculated into one monthly payment.

Frees up IT teams

Partnering with Cyclone frees up IT resources from tedious tasks, allowing them more time to spend on revenue growing digital developments.

Modern technology always

Scale up or down as demands change, and roll on to the latest technology as required. It’s the easy and economical way to get the best tech solutions for your business.

Robust security

Cyclone has the people, processes and technology to enforce a robust security strategy. Protect information across multiple devices for a more resilient organisation.

Dedicated support

For on-site, remote or phone support, we’re your team. Our IT support services cover immediate or scheduled on-site attention, or on-demand support via remote access or over the phone.

Decommissioning and recycling

Determining what to do with older devices can be a difficult calculation. This important process can be easily handled by DaaS vendors with secure and compliant methods.

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Want to take the hassle out of device lifecycle management?

Download our free Whitepaper today and discover how Cyclone and HP Device as a Service (DaaS) optimises resources and maximises your budgets.

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Learn how Cyclone makes IT support simple and stress-free

With many years’ experience in the New Zealand market, and a nationwide network of expertise, Cyclone’s dedicated support teams keep your technology systems operating smoothly.

HP Elite Dragonfly. Lighter than air.

Ready to impress

HP Elite Dragonfly has a durable, iridescent dragonfly blue finish, diamond cut accents, and an impressive screen to body ratio.

  • HP’s lightest compact business convertible, HP Elite Dragonfly goes everywhere. Starting under 1kg, the HP Elite Dragonfly gives a new level of freedom to those on the go.
  • Work from anywhere with extended battery life. Stay connected with optional gigabit-class 5G LTE and gigabit-speed Wi-Fi 6.
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“Unitec has a very strong relationship with Cyclone who have stood by and supported us for many years as providers of not only our entire PC fleet, but also licensing, training and when needed have supplied us with support staff. They know the technology sector extremely well and as such are trusted advisors we look to for advice and guidance to help us achieve our goals.”

Hamish Martin, Director of Information Technology, Unitec

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