Power up your business with Windows 11

Power up your business with Windows 11

Windows 11 has been redesigned for productivity, creativity and ease. It's modern, fresh, clean and beautiful.

However, if your PCs are running an 8th generation processor - you'll need to upgrade your fleet when you make the move.

Cyclone’s fleet buying power and a nationwide team of certified IT specialists ensures your business gets best in class service and best in class support when it’s time to upgrade.

We’ve been at the leading edge of procurement and managed support services for years. With over 140 staff nationwide and an average 8 second help desk wait time, your organisation will be well supported.

Discover Windows 11

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Introducing Windows 11 for business

The most productive and secure version of Windows, yet simple for IT. Powerful for employees and designed for hybrid work.

Instantly productive

Reduce employee cognitive load with a simplified and streamlined UI. Stay easily organised with Snap Layout and Snap Groups.

Smarter collaboration

With deeper Teams integration, have effective online meetings by sharing, muting and unmuting right from the taskbar.

The most secure Windows yet

A Zero Trust ready OS with powerful built-in security, hardware-based isolation, encryption and malware protection.

Get the benefits of modern technology without the upfront costs

Device as a Service (DaaS) can get your business into the latest technology without breaking the bank.

Budget and cashflow

A per-device, per-month fixed term cost makes budgeting easy. All your hardware, software, managed services, and support costs are calculated into one monthly payment.

Frees up IT teams

Partnering with Cyclone frees up IT resources from tedious tasks, allowing them more time to spend on revenue growing digital developments.

Modern technology always

Scale up or down as demands change and roll on to the latest technology as required. It’s the easy and economical way to get the best tech solutions for your business.

Robust security

Cyclone has the people, processes and technology to enforce a robust security strategy. Protect information across multiple devices for a more resilient organisation.

Dedicated support

For on-site, remote or phone support, we’re your team. Our IT support services cover immediate or scheduled on-site attention, or on-demand support via remote access or over the phone.

Decommissioning and recycling

Determining what to do with older devices can be a difficult calculation. This important process can be easily handled by DaaS vendors with secure and compliant methods.

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8 seconds average call wait time

7,000 support requests managed every month

90% of support requests resolved remotely

98.5% of support tickets resolved within the SLA

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Fleet leasing and finance options

Cyclone can provide leasing and finance solutions that are the right fit for your business.

Business IT & Computer Fleet Leasing & Finance NZ

Fleet Leasing

Cyclone can provide leasing options to fit your organization’s needs. Leasing devices gives you the freedom to invest capital into growing other areas when and as required.

Our leasing partners include:

  • HPFS (HP Financial Services)
  • Quadrent
  • MLC
  • Dell Financial Services
  • Maia Financial

Leasing can give you the freedom to grow so talk to Cyclone today about your options.

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