Cyclone has a fantastic team of Digital Learning Specialists. They are all New Zealand trained teachers with a wealth of experience and knowledge between them.
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We are proud to advise our customers that Cyclone have been selected as the sole supplier of the Wacom Cintiq Companion products to the education sector in New Zealand. 

At CES 2015, Wacom introduced the Cintiq Companion 2, a powerful touchscreen tablet for professional creators of digital content who demand the very best pen-on-screen experience. It offers unparalleled freedom and flexibility, allowing users to explore and make their creative mark anywhere. The new mobile solution from Wacom works either as a fully fledged Windows® 8 tablet with all the creative input capabilities of a Cintiq or, when the need arises, will connect, via Cintiq Connect™, to your Mac or PC and function as a primary or secondary Cintiq display with the renowned pen performance creative pros have depended on for years.

With 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition, the Cintiq Companion 2's Pro Pen performs like a traditional brush, pen or marker when used in combination with creative software applications from such companies as Adobe®, Autodesk®, Corel®, Smith Micro®, Pixologic® and many more. The pen and high-resolution screen (2560 x 1440) interact to provide a realistic pen-on-paper feel with limited glare that allows artists and designers to quickly produce detailed and accurate material without ever having to worry about art supplies.

Comfort and efficiency are important elements for any creative professional and the Cintiq Companion 2 is specifically designed to let users work faster and in a more relaxed and natural manner. The footprint, adjustable stand and sleek design allow users to work comfortably in a variety of environments including studios, client sites, planes, trains and wherever else creativity has a home. By incorporating the Pro Pen, multi-touch, 6 ExpressKeys™, Rocker Ring, Radial Menu and Cloud Services all onto the Companion 2, professionals are given a way to work that has virtually no limits. It's the choices to be able to set an ExpressKey to a particular shortcut or use multi-touch to manipulate an image that define the creative tablet's efficiency, intuitiveness and flexibility. Additionally, a digital workflow allows for immediate feedback from colleagues or clients and this type of collaboration can improve production significantly.

The full range of Wacom pen tablets including Intuos, Intuos Pro, Cintiq and accessories are also available through our website.

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Affordable devices, innovative tools, and educational content built just for the classroom. Technology that helps inspire curiosity and boost productivity. Don't stop there, talk to us about our 7 steps to success when going Google.
Professional Development:
Cyclone has the expertise to assist your developing digital teaching and learning strategies. We provide professional learning for schools that will enable staff to use the Google Apps for Education suite and Chromebooks themselves and look at how these can be integrated into the classroom programme to raise learning outcomes.
Chromebook Management Console:
Get the most out of your Google Chromebooks. For school deployments Cyclone offers a central web-based Google Chromebook Management Console to ensure that your Chromebooks are easy to set up, deploy and manage.
Google White Glove Service:
Ready to "Open the box" service where by Cyclone will update the Chrome operating system on each device, enrol each device in the Management Console and associate the device to your wireless SSID.
Chrome Apps Management Console Configuration:
Consultation with staff, using default education configuration, and then configuring the management console as per the schools requirements. Configuration of the Google Management Console for the schools domain to ensure that the devices are ready to go on "Open the box day".
Open the Box Day Deployment & Training:
A Cyclone support person will be onsite to assist with delivery and providing training for Chrome Device Management Console with designated technical resource, undertaking organisational needs analysis & knowledge transfer. Onsite deployment assistance on "Open the Box Day". As the devices will be preconfigured with your schools settings prior to delivery, the onsite implementation will be focused on getting everyone connected to the wireless network successfully and answering any immediate queries that teaching staff may have. In addition, our staff will be available to help answer any Chromebook or Chrome Management Module specific questions, and generally help school staff and students as necessary.
If you don't know about it - This product is an essential complimentary product to Google Apps for Education (GAFE).  Cyclone is a certified reseller of Hapara. The Teacher Dashboard originated from the Manaiakalani Project, as a need was seen for an tool to allow teachers to manage student data, the Dashboard gave them a view of each student's files easily and enabled them to track the history of their work.
Migration Services:
If you don't already have Google Apps for Education, we can help you get there. Google Apps for Education is a free and Cyclone is a leading schools provider. We have a highly qualified team of Google Apps and Deployment Specialists ready to handle all aspects of your cloud migration. We have extensive experience in Google Apps migration, implementation, training, and support for education. We can ensure successful transition or progression with Google.
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Methven Primary School has a long history of investing in digital technology and providing ICT experiences for all of its students, regardless of age. In the past the school has been solely Apple based but in 2014 they moved to a dual platform to meet the growing and differing needs of its students. The purchase of 34 Microsoft Surface tablet devices to supplement the school's 60 iPads was not so much a bold move into the unknown but more a strategic shift based upon a growing mountain of evidence gathered from the school's students and teachers.
The Surface's have been predominately issued to the school's two senior classes (Year 5 & 6) who are now revelling in the collaborative environment of Office 365. It's never easy being the vanguard of innovation and there were certainly issues that arose that needed to be overcome in the initial stages of moving to a cloud environment. Cyclone were instrumental in solving these problems so that the school was able to move on. Building a strong and personal relationship with Cyclone has been pivotal in getting the school to the position it currently enjoys.
Not only are the students enjoying the benefits of Office 365 but the school is now beginning to embrace the potential it has within it to make a real difference to how the school operates behind the scenes. From our public facing website and community information sharing, through to the school's governance documents, teacher appraisals and team planning; nothing is off limits to the school's thinking about how Office 365 will save time, effort and the duplication of jobs and information that dogs so much of school operations. Cyclone has provided valuable professional development to all staff that has been either programmed or on a 'just in time' basis.
What is Student Advantage? Student Advantage enables every student in New Zealand access to 15 Microsoft Office Pro Plus licenses at no additional cost. This adds huge value to any BYOD programme, and will help address equity of access for all students. This also includes Office for iPad
Please email to get one of our team to help you get started with O365 or to find out more about Student Advantage.


The key to a good service provider or technical resource in a school is being connected and aligned to pedagogical and e-Learning goals within that school. Cyclone can provide technical support and e-Learning specialists who are kept up with education teaching and learning trends and technology best used practices. We can provide in-depth professional ICT services, supporting the technologies and assisting e-Learning leaders to deliver better learning outcomes.
The objective of the Cyclone e-Learning Assessment is to spend significant time onsite with key stakeholders and to work co-operatively with your school  to ensure the desired learning outcomes within your strategic plans are aligned with your technical capability. Managing and keeping your ICT running smoothly is critical within a school, it can mean the difference between being able to spend more time and resource focusing on delivering outstanding learning results or spending your time and resource trying to keep on top of escalating hardware and or infrastructure costs.
Our eLearning Planning Framework Assessment proposal covers each of the 5 dimensions identified within the Ministry of Education's e-Learning Planning Framework.

  • Leadership and strategic direction
  • Professional learning
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Technologies and Infrastructure
  • Beyond the classroom

We believe that this report can answer all of the schools questions around their current ICT environment as well as providing a cost-effective solutions roadmap and framework to overcome any current technology challenges. Cyclone is committed to helping make technology goals realised through staff and student enablement.
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Let's face it. Apps are now an integral part of our everyday lives. We use them to check the weather and check into a flight, to see when the next bus is coming, record notes, read books, play games and much more.

A great outcome of the app revolution is the transformative learning that apps can help foster. There are thousands of education apps in the Windows marketplace from early learning "games" to study aids and even apps that will help you manage the classroom, - with more being published every day.

To get you started, Microsoft have curated a list of 100 education apps that we hope you'll find helpful. For even more, visit:


Click here to download Microsofts top 100 education apps


This is a good news story for both the schools involved and also the students.

Cyclone team was involved at the point of strategic planning with community.

Cyclone professional services were able to "white glove" the Chromebook experience on behalf of the school.  This meant that once ordered, we opened each Chromebook and added the necessary information to enable the Chromebook to be fully functional at the point the student opened the device, taking away the potential frustration of not being able to connect etc.

This included the Google Management Console and as an Hapara reseller, we were also able to have this setup before the devices were issued, so the teacher workflow (vision into student activities) was ready from day one… and all this for a single per week payment by the parents.

Professional learning for the teachers is also available around  Google Apps for education.

For opening day see the TV3 article - a delight!


Microsoft Surface products are now available through All of Government via the new Cyclone Catalogue.

In recognition of the growing demand for Microsoft Surface tablets by both schools and government agencies, the Microsoft Surface family of products has now been enabled for supply to Participating Agencies via the All-of-Government (AoG) procurement process.

AoG objectives include a centre-led procurement process for selected categories in order to deliver savings to schools and agencies. It currently has seven panel providers for IT Hardware of which, Cyclone Computers Ltd is one.

Cyclone, a local private company, is servicing Participating Agencies in both the education and non-education sectors and is now providing a comprehensive Microsoft Surface line-up (including Microsoft peripherals) on their current catalogue.

Surface 2 is thin and light, features a long battery life (up to 10 hours), and comes with Microsoft Office 2013 RT pre-installed.

Surface Pro 2 runs Windows 8 Pro, and has the power of a high-performance laptop in a tablet form factor.

Both Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are well suited to productivity scenarios, with Type and Touch Covers available, ports to connect and share, and offering a familiar Windows-based user experience.

The inclusion of Microsoft Surface devices further extends the choice of platform, OS and form factor to AoG customers.

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This list of apps has been compiled by the State of Victoria Australia (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) to provide a starting point for choosing and using apps in your classroom.

Click here for the pdf for iPads in Special Education



Cyclone All-of-Government Apple iPad Supplier

Cyclone Computers has been confirmed as the main Apple iPad supplier for agencies and schools buying through the All-­of-­Government (AoG) Desktop and Laptop contract. The new Apple iPad catalogue is now available, please contact your Cyclone Account Manager or call 0800 585 040.


"We relish the opportunity and challenge to work alongside creative mobile users with innovative products and unique applications. The outcomes of iPad use are really changing the way we work and learn. These are exciting times!" says Graham Prentice, GM Apple division Cyclone Computers.


Both commercial and bespoke applications (free and paid for) are used on the iPads to enable users to better address specific workplace or learning solutions. Security and management of both data and devices enable large organisations to better manage mobile fleets.


Special pricing is available only to NZ AoG Participating Agencies (Ministries, departments, councils, universities, polytechnics, state and integrated schools) - but only if they have been approved via Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, Govt Procurement Branch ICT Category.


For further information please read - New Zealand School AoG Contracts, from the PROCUREMENT.GOVT.NZ website.


To confirm your AoG status please call Cyclone 0800 585 040.


Full Cyclone Press Release.


For futher information about Cyclone and AoG please contact:


Graham Prentice

Cyclone Computers GM, Apple Division

Phone: 0211 606 570



How does your School sign up to the AoG program?

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One of the hardest things with using the iPad in the classroom is finding the time to go through all of the apps in the iTunes Store listed under the education banner. We have started to list some of the apps we've found under each of the Key Learning Areas.


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We have recently become a Silver Sponsor for Independent Schools of New Zealand.


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