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Cyclone is a New Zealand owned ICT company that provides procurement capability for NZ All of Government agencies, tertiary institutions, schools and commercial organisations via this transactional site.

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Managed Services and Technical Support

Cyclone is proud to have a team of highly qualified engineers who are trained to work in schools.
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“Our team spend all their time in schools.”

They are keen to share their experiences of lessons learned, knowledge of best practice and innovation with future technologies with you.


Unlike most providers,  Cyclone can provide in-depth professional development that goes hand in hand with our professional ICT services package supporting cross-platform, onsite and cloud-based technologies. Cyclone has a unique and flexible approach, often schools are paying a lot more to work with other providers that will only cover part of the solution that Cyclone can offer.


Cyclone can support existing onsite technical staff or take full ownership of the service delivery for ICT within a school. We are comfortable supporting either model, Cyclone is the only provider in New Zealand to hold the highest certifications directly with Microsoft, Google and Apple. This ensure that schools get recommend and can choose the right solution for the project or task.

Key Benefits / Considerations:

Proven track record: Cyclone has been working now as a service provider with schools for the last 2 years, we have never lost a contract with any school and are able to provide some excellent reference sites.


Technical Audit: Cyclone provides a technical roadmap and strategic plan included in any ongoing support contract. This can form part of the schools ongoing strategic plan and helps schools/BOT plan for their future without financial surprises.


Flexible contracts: Our contracts are designed to work for the school. We don’t lock schools into long term contracts, as long as we do our job well then schools should be able to choose suppliers without lengthy contract terms, providing the flexibility as the school’s landscape and requirements changes, so too can your support requirements.


Remote and onsite support models: We understand that every school is unique and we create solutions to fit different these scenarios as required. With the right partnership, managing schools should be getting simpler so your services bill should be decreasing too.


Leading or Supporting: We can support existing onsite support staff or take ownership for delivery of ICT to your school. At Cyclone we adapt our service to work with you and your school.


Supporting eLearning: Unlike most providers, Cyclone can provide in-depth professional development that should go hand in hand with a professional ICT services package supporting cross-platform, onsite and cloud-based technologies.