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STEAM from home

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Are you looking for some fun STEM/STEAM activities to try at home with your kids to get them excited about science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths?


STEAM learning enables children to become curious about the world and develops their creative and critical problem-solving skills. Hands-on learning will help children understand how science, maths, the arts and technology can work together

Here are some ideas you could do at home:

What you will need:

10 containers – you could use empty cupcake liners, empty yoghurt pottles

Pieces of fruit or vegetables


  • Set out the containers  into two rows of five, with a number between one and 10 next to each container
  • Challenge your child to put the correct number of pieces of fruit/vegetables into each container

What you will need:
Empty paper tubes, cardboard, empty boxes, blocks, Lego – almost anything can be used to create a marble run


  • Help your child develop their inquiry skills by building a do-it-yourself marble run with stuff from around the house

New Zealand Geographic

Every day New Zealand Geographic is posting a story or video related to the Living World that can be shared among your family with related activities. Recent activities included making a magnetic fishing game, a paper bead necklace and fossil imprints. NZ Geographic is encouraging people to share their creations with their site.


Creating a Moa Footprint


Go hunting for the creepy and crawler critters in your  backyard


Scratch will teach your child how to make stories, games and animations. ScratchJr is also available for 5- 7-year olds

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