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Cyclone is a New Zealand owned ICT company that provides procurement capability for NZ All of Government agencies, tertiary institutions, schools and commercial organisations via this transactional site.

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Outcomes Through Technology
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STEAM learning applies meaningful maths, science, arts and technology content to solve real-world problems through hands-on learning activities and creative design.Cyclone has a wide range of STEAM products that we can supply for your classroom. However, as important is the provision of teacher support around how to make such products into effective learning tools.


That is where the Cyclone STEAM solutions excel. Just acquiring stuff will see it on the shelf… with bespoke PLD support with your staff, STEAM programmes will continue to challenge your learners!

Osmo Pizza Co.

Cooking up math & money skills!

Run your own pizza shop! Run your own pizza shop! Quickly cook pizza & calculate change using toppings & money tiles. Invest your profits to upgrade your shop as you bake your way to becoming “the big cheese”!

Osmo Coding with Awbie

Coding is a modern superpower


Coding Awbie teaches logic skills and problem solving, and it helps kids succeed in an increasingly digital world. Coding Awbie is the easiest way to introduce coding to your child.


Discover Awbie’s world through code


You control Awbie, a playful character who loves delicious strawberries. With each coding command, you guide Awbie on a wondrous tree-shaking, strawberry-munching adventure!

Osmo Coding Jam

Coding and music: Twice the fun!


Kids love music, right? Now they can compose their own by arranging Osmo’s Coding Blocks into patterns and sequences. So it’s happy, hands-on play, and an awesome way to introduce Coding. Rock On!


Create, listen & enjoy!


Start with a beat and end with a hit! In this open ended game, your little jammer mixes sounds and shares compositions – all while learning the basics of coding.

Osmo Creative Kit with Mirror & Base


  • Creative Board
  • 6 erasable markers
  • Fuzzy eraser pouch
  • Exclusive Creative Set content
  • Monster, Masterpiece and Newton apps


Kick-start creativity and problem solving with this inspiring mix of art tools and cutting-edge technology. The included creative board and dry-erase markers are specially designed to best utilize the Osmo technology. All three games are an irresistible invitation to imagine, invent, explore, and play.

Osmo Genius Kit


  • Osmo Genius Kit Game System for iPad (includes base with mirror and stand)
  • Numbers tiles
  • Words tiles
  • Wooden tangram shapes

Osmo Classroom Kit


  • 4x Learning Systems
  • 4x Words Tiles
  • 4x Tangram Pieces
  • 4x Numbers Pieces
  • 1x Plastic Storage System
  • 2x Teacher’s Guides
  • 1x Classroom Poster

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