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Cyclone is a New Zealand owned ICT company that provides procurement capability for NZ All of Government agencies, tertiary institutions, schools and commercial organisations via this transactional site.

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STEAM learning applies meaningful maths, science, arts and technology content to solve real-world problems through hands-on learning activities and creative design.Cyclone has a wide range of STEAM products that we can supply for your classroom. However, as important is the provision of teacher support around how to make such products into effective learning tools.


That is where the Cyclone STEAM solutions excel. Just acquiring stuff will see it on the shelf… with bespoke PLD support with your staff, STEAM programmes will continue to challenge your learners!

Sphero SPRK+ 12 Pack

This special pack of 12 Sphero SPRK+ is available exclusively to educators at a discounted price. The pack contains everything you need to get started teaching robotics and the fundamentals of programming. These SPRK+ robots are brand new and come with a full 1 year warranty.

Designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and invention through connected play and coding, SPRK+ is far more than just a robot. Powered by the Sphero Edu app, you can easily learn programming, complete hands-on activities, and share your creations with the community.


Kit Includes:

  • 12x Sphero SPRK+
  • 12x Inductive charging base with USB charging cable
  • 12x Maze tape, 360 degree protractors and sticker sheets
  • 12x Quick Start Guide to get you rolling

Optional: Sphero SPRK+ Power Pack – case only

Sphero SPRK Case 900

Sphero SPRK+ Edition Single Unit

Equipped with Bluetooth SMART and a scratch-resistant, durable shell, SPRK+ takes hands-on learning up a notch. Programmable sensors like motor encoders, LED lights, accelerometer, and a gyroscope allow for countless experiences and coding conditions. SPRK+ will foster a love of robotics, coding, and STEAM principles… all through play.



  • Sphero SPRK+
  • Inductive charging base with USB charging cable
  • Maze tape, 360 degree protractors and sticker sheets
  • Quick Start Guide to get you rolling

Sphero BOLT

Sphero BOLT’s eye-catching, programmable 8×8 light matrix opens up an endless array of coding and gaming capabilities. Use advanced sensors to track speed, acceleration, and direction, or drive BOLT without having to aim your robot thanks to the compass. BOLT also features infrared communication, allowing your robot to “talk” with other BOLTs. Equipped with Bluetooth SMART and a strong scratch-resistant shell, this robot’s brawn matches its brilliance.


Key Features:

  • Advanced Sensors:
    Keep tabs on BOLT’s speed and direction with built-in sensors for programming
  • LED Matrix:
    Sphero BOLT was built to shine with 8×8 LED Matrix that animates and displays real-time data
  • Infrared Communication:
    BOLT to BOLT communication enables new games and advanced coding tactics.


Kit Includes:

  • Sphero BOLT
  • Inductive charging base with USB charge cable
  • Protractor with heading, directions and clock
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Sphero Edu & Play App – iOS and Android

Sphero Code Mat

Explore new ways to learn and play with the Sphero Code Mat and Activity Card set.


The Sphero Code Mat seamlessly pairs learning with play. Perfect for educators, students, and parents, this two-sided, 86 x 45in mat offers a simple, accessible way to learn block-based coding, basic math principles, and collaborative problem-solving. The mat comes with 3 sets of 10 double- sided coding cards to provide the perfect pairing for hands-on coding concepts.


Side 1: Sphero Golf

Sphero Golf is our spin on the traditional golf course – it’s fun, educational and 100% caddy-free. Tee up your Sphero robot and take a swing. Explore concepts like distance, speed, math fundamentals, and basic coding by navigating around sand traps, mastering a trick shot, or scoring a birdie with your bot.


Side 2: Sphero Town

Welcome to Sphero Town, a friendly little place where robots roam freely and everything is up to code. Program your robot with Draw, Blocks or Text to navigate around the city, plan a road trip or run some errands. There’s so much to see and do in Sphero Town, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a ball.


Activity Cards

The Sphero Code Mat opens up unlimited opportunities for learning and play, but to help get you started, we’re including 3 packs of activity cards. These double-sided cards feature 20 fun challenges and games you can use to inspire and engage your students. Work independently or in groups to complete all the activities.

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