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Focus on delivering the best education programmes and leave the device management to us. Cyclone’s Device as a Service delivery model covers hardware, software and support, taking a load of work and worry away.

Purchase your fleet of devices with Cyclone device management for full lifecycle dedicated support*

Setup, deployment and all ongoing management of your choice of devices can be managed by Cyclone. Get the tech you need for modern education, with expert support all the way.

  • Full consultation with an qualified specialist
  • Procurement and leasing
  • MDM Tenant Build
  • Deployment of devices
  • Asset tagging and documentation
  • Repackage software annually with updated iOS
  • ServiceDesk Support 8/5


Work with Cyclone as your partner for future success.

*36 or 48 months fixed term

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6 key factors for choosing DaaS package for your education facility

Budget and cashflow

A per-device, per-month fixed term cost makes budgeting easy. All your hardware, software, managed services, and support costs are calculated into one monthly payment.

Frees up IT teams

Partnering with Cyclone frees up time for IT resources in your organisation to be better spent on digitally empowering staff and students.

Modern technology always

Scale up or down as demands change, and roll on to the latest technology as required. It’s the easy and economical way to get the best tech solutions for your staff and students.

Robust security

Cyclone has the people, processes and technology to enforce a robust security strategy. Protect information across multiple devices for a more resilient organisation

Dedicated support

For on-site, remote or phone support, we’re your team. Our IT support services cover immediate or scheduled on-site attention, or on-demand support via remote access or over the phone.

Decommissioning and recycling

Determining what to do with older devices can be a difficult calculation. This important process can be easily handled by DaaS vendors with secure and compliant methods.

Learn how Cyclone makes IT support simple and stress-free

With many years of experience in the New Zealand education sector, and a nationwide network of expertise, Cyclone’s dedicated support teams keep your technology systems operating smoothly.

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