A company that cares

Cyclone is committed to being a socially responsible and sustainable organisation that positively contributes to the economic, social and environmental aspects of New Zealand.

We work with our suppliers to minimise the whole of life environmental impacts of the products we sell, so that our customers can have confidence in both their purchases and the end of life disposal options we support.

The following objectives guide Cyclone's sustainability practices:

Working toward a sustainable society as a global citizen

Meeting all regulatory requirements

Considerate packaging design

Consideration for the environment throughout the entire lifecycle of products and services

Initiatives to counter global warming

Energy and waste reduction

Recycling initiatives

Promotion of information disclosure

Social Responsibility

  1. Cyclone acknowledges and is compliant with the All of Government Supplier Code of Ethics – see:
  2. Cyclone accepts that a fair pay for fair work delivered is sensible and as a result have moved to provide all full time permanent staff with the Living Wage.
  3. Cyclone is concerned with the issue of equity associated with the access/ provision of digital devices for all students and has established a finance company Cyclone Finance Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary, that partners with schools to ensure that all learners have access to digital devices to support their digital learning at home and school.