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Cybersecurity is no longer just an option – today it’s a critical element of every business. Cyclone’s cybersecurity framework focuses around the following three key areas.


Providing trusted security products and services to ensure you are always protected from cybersecurity threats.


Providing rapid response to cybersecurity incidents and threats and ensuring speedy recovery, should it be required.


Providing expert security and risk assessment advice to help your business understand its risk profile and ensure appropriate measures are in place.

Cyclone has the people, processes, services and technology to put a robust security strategy into action. We have a constantly evolving and future-ready range of Cybersecurity managed services and solutions that can be tailored and matched with your existing IT security solutions to provide a robust and holistic solution to managing your Cybersecurity risk.  We can also lead education and awareness training programmes to strengthen your organisation’s security culture. 

Future-ready security means a stronger, more resilient organisation. 


Email is a critical component of organisational communication because it enables users to communicate quickly, easily, and with a variety of devices. Further, email can be used to send a number of different types of media, and communications can be tracked, stored, and organised according to attributes such as time and date stamps and size. 

Email security is important because email contains sensitive information, is used by everyone in the organisation, and is therefore one of a company’s largest targets for attacks. The shift to cloud-based email like Microsoft 365 and Gmail comes with several benefits, but cloud-based email has become a tempting attack surface for cyber criminals. Therefore, an email protection plan needs to include the following best practices to protect email traffic in real time:

  • Spam filter: A spam filter can detect spam and keep it from either hitting your inbox or file it as junk mail. 
  • Email encryption: Email encryption can disguise corporate email by changing communications into a garbled arrangement of letters, numbers, and symbols that someone who intercepts it cannot read. 
  • Antivirus protection: Antivirus protection screens emails and attachments for viruses, providing the user with warnings if anything suspicious is detected. 
  • Secure email gateway (SEG): An SEG filters out potentially dangerous emails according to the settings of an IT administrator. 
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA): MFA is a key data loss protection and anti-hacking tool because it requires a user to provide more than one authentication factor to prove they should be granted access to a system. 
  • Employee education: Employees can be educated to recognise social engineering, phishing, and other types of attacks that are typically executed using email. 

Cyclone can help assess your risks and put together a email protection plans tailored to your needs. 

Endpoint security is the process of protecting devices like desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets from malicious threats and cyberattacks. Endpoint security software enables organisations to protect devices that employees use for work purposes either on a network or in the cloud from cyber threats. 

Cyclone’s managed Endpoint Protection Service provides multi-layered protection to all of your desktops, laptops and smartphones, no matter what operating system they run. We will understand your environment and provide the right solution to meet your needs. 

Every business network is different, just as every network firewall security configuration is different. Our expert IT experts understand that there is not one single solution for the optimal security setup for every company. We will work with your team to ensure that an effective, achievable strategy that is configured to your organization’s unique needs, operating systems, and application control protocols. 

We follow best practices to ensure that every organisation receives the best protection possible. We design, implement and maintain a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity management with multiple levels: 

  • Wi-fi and internal network security 
  • Hosted and on-site firewall and perimeter network management 
  • Security audits 
  • User identity and access management including 3rd party application use 
  • User security policies
  • External vulnerability and penetration testing 
  • Desktop and device encryption  
  • Workstation and device security including antivirus, spam and malware protection 

With the right support, your people can be your best defence against information security threats. Knowing how to spot phishing emails, understanding good password discipline and being aware of unusual behaviour will help to guard against the majority of common attacks. 

We partner with proven providers to deliver self-paced online training solutions designed to arm your people with the skills and knowledge they need to avoid the most common security pitfalls. 

Cyclone’s Awareness Training is highly-engaging and follows a best-practice, micro-learning approach. Short video-based training modules are delivered to every user monthly, with risk-scoring measured against millions of industry data points. 


Preparing for and responding to cyber incidents means accessing scalable and customisable support delivered by experienced teams. Cyclone have the capabilities and the experience required to address threats including ransomware, business email compromise, Denial of Service attacks.  

Response services include: 

  • Emergency Response – rapid response and remediation of cybersecurity incidents
  • Proactive Incident Response – planning and assessment to improve preparedness, limit incident impact and position for recovery

Cybersecurity response services are part of our Professional Services portfolio.


Penetration testing

Cyclone work with a specialist penetration testing partner who can be engaged to help identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities before an intruder has the opportunity to infiltrate your network or computer system. We’ll uncover weaknesses on your network or within applications and can work with you to remediate and reduce risk. 

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

A cyber security risk assessment is something every business should do. A risk assessment will help you understand both your business processes, and the systems and data you need to secure. Knowing the risks your business faces can help you prevent — or recover from — a cyber security incident. 

Risk Assessment includes the following essential steps: 

  • Know your systems 
  • Identify the threats and vulnerabilities 
  • Identify the Risks 
  • Define the impacts 
  • Define the prevention and recovery options 

Cyclone have a Cybersecurity risk assessment service that will produce a report showing where you are currently at and provide a prioritised list of recommendations to help improve your current risk posture. 

Protect your data, wherever it lives.

Data is the lifeline to any business. Our Data Backup and Recovery services ensure that all your valuable data is protected, secured and can also be easily restored whenever required.

Nobody knows better than Kiwis that the world can change in an instant. We’ve battled bushfires, evacuated thousands from floods, and suffered catastrophic losses during earthquakes. Not surprisingly, most New Zealand leaders are well aware of the need to plan for the unexpected.

Data loss prevention planning is essential to ensure continuity and prepare for future threats. A reliable data backup process and a disaster recovery solution can help organisations prepare for the unexpected.

Cyclone is a trusted Data Backup and Recovery services provider in New Zealand. Our Data recovery services ensure that all your valuable data is protected, secured and can also be easily restored at no cost whenever required.

Cyclone’s Data Backup and Recovery Solutions can provide complete protection of your data wherever it lives. This includes keeping an up-to-date copy of your on-premises workloads, public cloud workloads, and workstations. Cyclone supports both virtual and physical workloads with fast and easy self-service restoration.

Wherever your data lives, Cyclone’s Data Backup and Recovery services provides the flexibility you need for success.

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