Technology for those creating the future

Technology for those creating the future

Technology in tertiary education – university IT support services

The impact of technology on educational institutions has been incredible. It’s led to increased efficiencies, greater flexibility and breakthroughs in learning like never before. But it can be hard to keep pace with technological changes – this is where a university IT support solution can become invaluable to the smooth running of your institution.

Cyclone have been at the leading edge of managed IT in universities for years. We have decades of experience working with New Zealand education providers and the Ministry of Education, and can help your facility progress with future-ready technology tertiary IT solutions and university IT procurement.

Our cost-effective systems deliver the communication and collaboration tools that students, faculty and administrators now demand. We deploy and maintain New Zealand’s largest fleet of devices. And we’re experts in network security across high volumes. When it comes to university IT procurement, there’s no better partner to help you understand and fill the particular set of challenges your institution faces.

We understand that technology plays a vital role in maintaining the prestige of an institution for both students and staff.

Work with Cyclone as your technology partner for future success.

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How we can provide IT support for your tertiary institution

At Cyclone, we have experts in communication and technology infrastructure, wireless networks, device management, cyber security, tertiary IT procurement, professional development and software licensing. We integrate these services to fuel your future success through technology.

Over 130 staff, from offices in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, can help you plan and set-up digital solutions, keep systems running smoothly and teach your teams to use tech smartly. We’re proven partners for future-ready technology.

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Today's priorities for tomorrow’s successes in tertiary education

University IT NZ

Managed University IT Support

Our nationwide team will help sort any issues quick smart, with remote or on-site expertise. We’ll keep your systems running smoothly, no problem.

  • Nationwide Staff
  • Dedicated Support
  • On-Site & Remote
  • Per-month per user costs
University cybersecurity NZ

University Cybersecurity

We search for weaknesses and identify opportunities to improve your cybersecurity, including educating your people around security threats.

  • Education & Awareness Programmes
  • Ongoing Risk-scoring
  • Governance & Policy Advice
  • Technical Remediation
University professional learning development

Professional Development

Our Professional Learning and Development programmes give your teams the skills and confidence to use digital technologies most effectively.

  • Tertiary sector experience
  • Relevant, tailored programmes
  • Microsoft & Google certified
  • Free consultation


Is your organisation cyber secure?

Innocent, avoidable mistakes often open the door to cyberattacks. But improving staff knowledge and awareness can strengthen your defences. Our Cyber Security Awareness Toolkit will help keep your people alert to dangers. Enter your details for this free resource.

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Taking care of all your technology requirements

We’ll help you set up technology, keep systems running smoothly and empower your teams to use them smartly. We take technology tasks off your to-do list!

Managed IT Services

Our team will help sort any issues quick smart with remote or on-site expertise.

Software Management

Save time and money with software licensing solutions that adjust to your needs.


We can help work out the hardware that you need and get it at the best price.

Lifecycle Services

Maximise the wellness of your technology, staff and cashflow

Audio Visual and Unified Communications

Expert advice on the best audio visual and communications tech for classrooms, halls or office spaces.

School professional learning development

Digital Skills Training

Help your team up skill to get the most value from today’s digital solutions.

Modern Device Management

We deploy, manage and maintain your fleet of devices so you don’t have to!

Infrastructure Services

Let us audit your technology infrastructure to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Data Protection and Security Solutions

Data is the lifeline to any business. Protect your business future.

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“They needed a device with a dedicated graphics card to cope with the demands of multimedia courses, and the HP Elite 850 is one of the few that were capable of providing the performance Southern Institute of Technology was looking for.”

Antony Watts, Commercial Channel Sales Manager at HP New Zealand

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