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Technology is playing an increasingly vital role in every business. The challenge is that as the importance of IT grows, so does its complexity and the size of the team needed to take care of it.

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We’ll help you set up technology, keep systems running smoothly and empower your teams to use them smartly. We take technology tasks off your to-do list.

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Together for better.

Partnering with a provider like Cyclone for managed IT services frees up the IT staff in your organisation, so they can focus on more strategic, value-added activities.

That’s why more and more businesses of every size are turning to managed IT services. Under this model, they outsource responsibility for their technology to a trusted third-party provider – usually as an affordable monthly subscription. This way, business owners and managers can enjoy peace of mind knowing their IT services are well taken care of by professionals.

Our nationwide team will resolve any issues quickly and efficiently with remote, phone, or on-site IT support. We’ll keep your systems running smoothly, so you can focus on running your business. Cyclone handles your day-to-day IT support service needs with a level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness difficult to replicate in-house.

What managed services do.


Cyclone monitors your IT infrastructure continuously to ensure your systems remain stable and reliable. We keep your systems running 24/7 by picking up and quickly solving any issues before they adversely affect your business.


Our expert team are on call to provide fast and responsive support whenever you need it. You can contact us via email, a dedicated phone line, or through our website. If you need us onsite, we’ll be there ASAP.

System maintenance

We take the stress out of IT system maintenance. We provide all our clients with pro-active and regular maintenance of your complete IT system, so it runs optimally 24/7.

Record keeping

We provide clients with regular and in-depth reporting on the performance of their IT systems so you can be confident your systems are performing well and are safe and secure. We also ensure you have up-to-date records for better compliance and auditing.

How managed services can help your organisation.

Lower costs and less downtime

We have worked with hundreds of businesses to improve their IT systems, so we know how to implement scalable systems that reduce costs. We monitor your IT systems round the clock, so we can pick up on any potential issues before they become a problem. This means far less downtime and greater operational efficiency.

Boosted productivity

When you partner with Cyclone for your managed IT services this gives you more time to focus on what you do best – run and grow your business.

Scale as you grow

We can increase the size of your IT systems and infrastructure quickly and efficiently as your business grows. This means a more efficient bottom line, less time planning and more time running your business.

Guaranteed Compliance

IT security should be a top priority for all businesses these days. We make sure your systems are safe and secure and stay fully compliant with industry standards and legal requirements.

Cyclone paired with HP is powering learning at AUT

“Cyclone is a local New Zealand company and they are really responsive to our needs. They listen to us and have designed a service to match our unique requirements. With 6,000+ devices having the Cyclone IT team in-house at AUT is invaluable.”

Liz Gosling, Chief Information Officer, AUT

Why you should choose Cyclone as your technology partner

Partnering with Cyclone can free up your staff, so they can focus on more strategic, value-added activities and tap into expert advice and support as required.

Successful Partnerships

With Cyclone as your technology partner, you can be confident that we have the right certifications, purchasing power and partnerships to help you thrive.

National Support

With our nationwide team of specialists offering either remote and on-site support, we’ll ensure your team stays up and running all day, every day.

Highest Certifications

Cyclone holds the highest certifications directly with Microsoft, Google, and Apple, ensuring we can support your team and technology with the tools they need to be successful.

Choose Cyclone for managed IT services and your organisation will be well supported

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