Your forward-thinking Managed IT Services partner in Wellington

Your forward-thinking Managed IT Services partner in Wellington

Managed IT Company Wellington

Cyclone is a leading provider of managed IT services in Wellington and can assist you with all of your technology needs, including cloud services, procurement, infrastructure, and software management.

Many companies use IT software and processes that they’ve had for many years without thinking to upgrade and streamline the way they do things. That’s where we come in – if you need managed services in Wellington, Cyclone is the go-to IT company. Let us help you rethink the way to use your online systems and make your company more efficient and productive. Spend more time focusing on your clients and less time on fixing IT problems.

Whether you are in need of business, education, or government IT solutions in Wellington, we’re here to help. Discover better ways of doing things and give your team someone to call when they are struggling with technical issues by enlisting our managed IT support services.

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How we can support you with Managed IT Services in Wellington

IT Procurement Wellington

Many organisations don’t even know where to begin with researching which hardware and software solutions are best for their needs. Cyclone can come in and analyse your requirements before suggesting a solution that will best serve your business. When you need assistance with IT procurement, give us a call.

If you’ve been thinking that you need to enlist the services of an IT company in Wellington, now is the time. Stay ahead of your competitors and modernise your processes to remain a leader in your industry. Get in touch with Cyclone today for help with all of your IT needs.

Cloud Solutions Wellington

If you want to maintain the lead in your industry, you need the latest technology so that you can remain agile and responsive to change. Many businesses in Wellington use cloud solutions because this enables them to access their files from anywhere, anytime. No more logging in to complicated local server systems or struggling to work from home. With cloud technology, you can remain adaptable as you can still access and complete your work, even if you unexpectedly have to spend the day at home.

That’s precisely why many people are now using our cloud IT services in Wellington. We can help you to respond more quickly to the needs of customers and create a more effective workflow. When you enlist our cloud support assistance, we will first examine your requirements and then pinpoint the best solution for your needs.  If you need cloud IT support in Wellington, look no further.

If the worst does happen and your systems fail, thanks to your cloud backup, we will be able to complete cloud disaster recovery. As your files are not located on a physical server, they can still be recovered even if you’re experiencing system issues.

Apple Mac Support Wellington

Cyclone now offers its IT support to organisations that use Apple Macs. Countless IT suppliers only serve customers using the Microsoft Office suite of software, but not us. We believe in a range of flexible IT solutions, so that’s why we now offer Apple Mac support. We can procure devices for you, help with cloud solutions, and manage software for your fleet of technology.

Microsoft Office 365 Wellington

We offer complete IT support in Wellington for those who use Microsoft Office 365. Our technicians have comprehensive knowledge of these systems, so they are able to help you no matter what your needs are. We can sort out any issues you may have or assist with the implementation of Microsoft devices.

Supporting a sustainable environment with E-Waste Recycling in Wellington

Getting a new computer every couple of years is now the norm in most schools and businesses. This poses the problem of what you should do with your old technology. Do you dispose of these devices, recycle them, or sell them on? Here at Cyclone, we specialise in e-waste recycling. Get us to take your unused devices off your hands and let us worry about what to do with them.

We get rid of old technology, always keeping the impact on the environment in mind. Preferably, we like to on-sell devices that can still be used, offering another business or school the chance to pick up some cheaper technology. If that’s not possible, then we recycle the equipment. Those seeking a Wellington IT company to take care of their e-waste recycling needs often come to us, as we are a trusted NZ business that will dispose of items in an environmentally friendly fashion whenever we can.

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