Your forward-thinking Managed IT Services partner in Christchurch

Your forward-thinking Managed IT Services partner in Christchurch

Managed IT Services in Christchurch

Cyclone is proud to offer a comprehensive range of managed IT support services, including assistance with infrastructure, software management, procurement, cloud services, and more. Whether you’re after school, tertiary, government, or business IT solutions we have the knowledge partnerships and experience to ensure your operation continues to progress with future ready technology solutions.

When organisations need more support with optimising their IT processes and making the most of their technology they turn to Cyclone. We are an IT company offering managed services in Christchurch, helping many businesses to keep their processes and technology infrastructure running smoothly. That way, your staff can keep focusing on meeting your customers’ needs and reduce the time wasted on sorting out frustrating technical issues.

We also specialise in education and government IT solutions in Christchurch, helping schools and departments in the area make their technology processes and systems more efficient. Our support services can take a load off your team by giving them someone to call when IT systems go wrong.

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How we can support you with Managed IT Services in Christchurch

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IT Procurement Christchurch

If your organisation doesn’t know where to begin when purchasing new hardware or software, we can help. We provide help with IT procurement to take the hassle and guesswork out of making IT decisions. The first step is to sit down with you to figure out your requirements, and then our experienced technicians can recommend a solution to ideally suit your business’s needs.

Cloud Solutions Christchurch

Organisations who want to remain at the forefront of their industry must take advantage of convenient, innovative, and resilient cloud computing. That’s why Cyclone offers cloud IT support in Christchurch; let us investigate suitable cloud systems for you and help you implement them in your business.

Cloud IT services have the benefit of reducing the amount you need to invest in hardware and maintenance and offer all the benefits of flexible systems that can be used in a variety of ways. Use the cloud to access your files online from anywhere, share documents, and collaborate on projects. Our cloud support includes up to date guidance on the latest innovations in this area so that you can take full advantage of everything new technologies have to offer you.

We also offer cloud backups for Christchurch companies so that in the event of a catastrophe with your systems, we can perform cloud disaster recovery for you.

Apple Mac Support Christchurch

Cyclone is an Apple partner and we’re proud to offer support to organisations that use Macs and other Apple products. While many IT companies focus only on Microsoft products, we offer a more comprehensive range of options, including Mac support for Christchurch companies.

Microsoft Office 365 Christchurch

If you use Microsoft Office 365, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. We provide complete IT support to many groups in Christchurch using the Microsoft Office suite of software. We are well versed in sorting out IT issues with these platforms and helping our customers implement these tools.

Supporting a sustainable environment with E-Waste Recycling in Christchurch

Most businesses and schools frequently upgrade their technology, putting forth the question of what to do with the old devices. We are experts in e-waste recycling, helping organisations across the city to dispose of their old technology in an environmentally friendly fashion.

We either recycle the equipment or find a market for people who would like to buy it. For tools that are still useable, we don’t want to see them go to waste. In this scenario, we will purchase the technology from you and on-sell it when we find a buyer. If you’ve been looking for an IT company to dispose of your old hardware, look no further. We have been helping our Christchurch clients get rid of their old, unwanted technology for years.

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