About Us

Cyclone is a New Zealand owned ICT company that provides procurement capability for NZ All of Government agencies, tertiary institutions, schools and commercial organisations via this transactional site.

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Cyclone Community

Cyclone supports a number of charities. We believe it’s important to give back to the community and also participate in fundraising events throughout the year.


Cyclone’s Directors are particularly passionate about charity and have strong views that successful businesses should be giving back to the community through charitable giving.


Cyclone has established an internal Charity Program which supports our staffs own giving. Each year Cyclone matches dollar-for-dollar any donations individual staff have personally made to a charity during the year.

Autism NZ

Autism New Zealand has worked continuously with the community to deliver thousands of educational programmes that increase public understanding of autism. We have assisted over 50,000 individuals and their family members to learn about autism and find the services they need.


Cyclone supports Autism NZ by offering discounted support services and product. Since 2016 we have partnered with this awesome organisation to make sure that their network and IT systems are functioning perfectly so that both head office and their wider network of support workers can communicate and function efficiently.

Partnership Cambodia

Partnership Cambodia are a non-profit organisation that seeks to provide opportunities to make a difference in the world by supporting Cambodian young people in education, business and Christian discipleship and mentoring. They are particularly focused on assisting the rural and urban poor as a way of breaking the poverty cycle.


Each year Cyclone donates between 10 – 20 notebooks to Partnership Cambodia to gift to those students that they are assisting through tertiary studies.

Treasure House Orphanage, Fiji


TREASURE HOUSE CHRISTIAN CHILDREN’S HOME is home to orphaned children who are happy, safe, secure, and in a stable environment where the vision is to guide and nurture them to become who they are gifted to be in future lives.



Nurture and educate the children to realise their gifts and use them effectively wherever they are destined to live- whether in adoptive homes or in their own independent life or continuing to live in the home as children with Special Needs.


When their computer room got broken in to in late 2018, Cyclone stepped up and donated 10x HP notebooks to replace what was stolen. We also supplied 10x Kensington security locks to make sure they stayed on the desk this time!

Social Responsibility

1. Cyclone acknowledges and is compliant with the All of Government Supplier Code of Ethics – see:


2. Cyclone accepts that a fair pay for fair work delivered is sensible and as a result have moved to provide all full time permanent staff with the Living Wage.


3. Cyclone is concerned with the issue of equity associated with the access/ provision of digital devices for all students and has established a finance company Cyclone Finance Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary, that partners with schools to ensure that all learners have access to digital devices to support their digital learning at home and school. (www.cyclonefinance.co.nz)