Automate macOS,and iOS management

Automate macOS, iOS and Apple TV management

Why Apple device management software?

There’s a reason employees prefer Apple devices. They offer innumerable configurations for accessibility, preferences and customizations— as well as unparalleled creativity apps.

But for businesses and schools to equip, secure and update these extensive capabilities for thousands, they need the help of a mobile device management (MDM) solution. A good MDM like Jamf will allow you to offer personalized devices that help employees to do their best work while saving time. An MDM automates repetitive management tasks and boosts security by eliminating human error.

The standard in Apple Enterprise Management

Jamf is trusted by 60,000+ businesses, schools and hospitals to maximise their Apple initiatives by helping organisations succeed with Apple.

With Jamf you can:

  • Manage Apple devices
  • Connect users with devices
  • Protect data, devices and more

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Why pair Jamf with Apple?

With over 20 years of experience, Jamf is the only Apple Enterprise Management solution of scale that remotely connects, manages and protects Apple users and devices.

Jamf for Education

To help you maximize the impact of Apple technology in education and deliver a personalised learning experience to each and every student, Jamf offers three solutions that are tailor-made for the modern classroom and Mac lab. Whether you’re offering a 1-to-1 iPad initiative, shared-device model or searching for an alternative to pen and paper assessment formats, Jamf helps schools engage with students in new ways and deliver an active learning environment with iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Jamf for Business

As more organizations offer their employees a choice in work technology, the demand for Apple continues to grow. And with every Apple device, organizations need to offer users secure access to the resources they need, empower IT with a management solution that delivers the functionality required in today’s modern work environment, and provide the peace of mind that devices and data are protected at all times.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your organisation, we have an Apple business solution for you.

Powerful solutions

Jamf Pro

Enterprise Management Solution

If your environment calls for enterprise-level features and functionality, Jamf Pro is the answer.

Jamf Connect

Identity and Authentication Solution

If your users would be more productive with one password and identity to access everything they need, try Jamf Connect.

Jamf Protect

Endpoint Security Solution

If you need to stop Mac security threats before they start and enjoy ongoing Mac analysis, Jamf Protect is for you.

Jamf School

Purpose-built Apple MDM for schools

The ideal solution for teachers or instructional technologists. Jamf School empowers educators to manage devices from the classroom. Teacher, Parent and Student apps are included in this solution. Jamf School creates the optimal digital experience and ensures students are focused and engaged.

Jamf Safe Internet

Safe, private connections everywhere students learn

Comprehensive content filtering optimized for education and integrated with MDM for simple, powerful student and user protection. Jamf Safe Internet enforces acceptable-use policies without sacrificing the unmatched learning experience Apple devices provide.

Jamf Private Access

Enterprise Management Solution

If you want to replace legacy enterprise VPN and conditional access workflows, there is no better solution for Apple and non- Apple devices.

Jamf Threat Defense

Identity and Authentication Solution

If protecting users, devices and company data is your goal, this endpoint security solution can be implemented without any interference to the user experience.

Jamf Data Policy

Endpoint Security Solution

Worried about what content is accessed on company devices and how much mobile data this costs you? Jamf Data Policy offers you peace of mind, enforcing data policies and blocking access to unwanted content.

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Device management for business and schools

Zero touch deployment

Once you enroll devices in Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, they ship directly from Apple to employees. IT never touches a device.

It’s a seamless and secure onboarding experience. All the user needs to do is open the box and log in.

BYOD - with user enrolment

Employees need access to corporate resources from anywhere— including from their own devices. But how do you keep corporate data safe while also protecting users’ privacy?

User Enrolment keeps personal and oranisational data separate. Using both a personal Apple ID and a managed Apple ID, Jamf allows you to manage only what you need — not the entire device.

Upgrades and updates

Due to Jamf’s close organizational relationship with Apple, we’re able to support new operating system upgrades from the day they release.

Jamf’s Apple mobile device management keeps devices and systems running optimally.

Security management— evolved to support an increasingly mobile workforce

Integrated endpoint protection prevents, isolates and remediates malware threats without slowing the end user
Visibility and compliance use single-user cloud identity and enforce password policies and multi-factor authentication with every login.

App management

Remotely distribute the most up-to-date apps to Mac, iPad and iPhone from the App Store, third-party vendors or custom in-house apps

Automatically package and deploy third-party Mac apps when a new version is available