Get geared up for 2022 with Cyclone and Chromebook

Discover the exciting new release devices and options in this Chromebook unboxing with the Cyclone team

Our IT in education experts showcase each device and walk you through the pros and cons, haves and have nots that helps take the guesswork out of choosing the device that’s right for your students, school and a modern learning environment.

Plus our tech team brushes us up on security in education and how device choice paired with AUE can be critical.

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Everything you need to know

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Cyclones top picks for education

If you want your students to have a computer that is smart, secure and ready when you are, it’s time for a Chromebook.

Lenovo 100e

This 11.6″ Lenovo 100e Chromebook Gen 2 is light, portable, rugged, and productive – the ultimate everyday learning tool. It brings Google Classroom, G Suite for Education, and today’s most popular education apps for students and teachers, making digital education accessible, enjoyable, and manageable. And it does so on a budget any school administration would love.

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Lenovo 300e

Thanks to its durable 360-degree hinges, the Lenovo 300e can be used in multiple modes depending on the learning environment. Use it in tablet mode to mark up documents. Laptop mode is great for taking notes. And presentation and tent modes help focus students’ concentration and foster teamwork.

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Acer Spin 511

The options of clamshell, tablet, display and tent modes enable students to work in a variety of situations and never struggle to find the correct position. This is of importance as they use the optional 5 MP auto-focus world facing camera, optional Wacom EMR pen and 88º wide-field-of-view HDR webcam.

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Built-in security protection

Every Chromebook comes with built-in security protection so you’re safe from the moment you open your new Chromebook. Chrome OS also comes with multiple layers of security and updates without interruption.

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