Networks that improve work

We design, build and maintain future-ready networks. With updates, upgrades or new foundations we can enhance productivity and efficiency.

Update or upgrade

A smartly designed, well managed network keeps your organisation humming. You can’t afford it to let you down.

By choosing the right networks for data, voice and video for LAN/WAN and wireless and cloud services, productivity gets a boost, costs go down and your employees and customers have a better experience.

Whatever your current infrastructure looks like, Cyclone can assist you to update, upgrade or start fresh. From planning, to procurement, to installation and ongoing support our expertise ensures a fast, robust and flexible network built for the future.

Network Infrastructure

Connectivity for productivity

Your team need to access applications and data from any device, anywhere. More than ever, good connectivity is a cornerstone of any successful organisation.

At Cyclone, we design networks that enable smarter ways of working. With effective monitoring for your IT team built in any issues can be anticipated and easily managed. We also ensure the bandwidth is there to deal with increasing demands for data back up.

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