Cyber Security

Cybersecurity For Humans!

This kit features an introduction to Cyclone’s Cyber Security Awareness Training that we provide in partnership with Mimecast, it includes a set of five educational flyers, an infographic and videos.

Start sharing this kit around your workplace and start changing employee behaviour.


Human Error. A Pretty Big Deal.

Why are people such easy targets when it comes to cyberattacks? The greatest factor is the propensity of humans to be just that – human. The vast majority of mistakes are completely innocent and – more importantly – avoidable, with the most common causes being lack of knowledge, lack of attention, and lack of concern.

Getting Started

A step by step guide on how to leverage this training kit within your organization. As well as a before & after training infographic.

Instruction guidetraining infographic


Users need and want your guidance during these uncertain times. Share these educational E-fliers on essential cybersecurity topics.

working at homedata leakspublic wi-fiwire transfer fraudvishing


We’ve curated five Mimecast Awareness Training modules to engage your staff and remote workforce on key cyber hygiene topics.

password leaksphishingdownloading appsvishingransomware

Keeping Security Simple

95% of security breaches involve human error. Yet, only 11% of companies conduct monthly security awareness training. Target your weakest link – human error – with our fun loving Awareness Training modules.

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