Google Workspace for Education Plus is now available, fully subsidised by the MoE, for all state and integrated schools

Google Workspace for Education Plus transforms modern learning

Transform your digital learning environment with Google Workspace for Education Plus and Cyclone

Upgrading to Google Workspace for Education Plus gives you access to all the tools and enterprise-level features you’ll need to ensure your institution’s Google Suite environment is set up for success.

Offering advanced, proactive security controls and enhanced, easy-to-use collaboration tools to elevate teaching and learning. And, when you work with Cyclone you can be confident in your deployment with dedicated 1 on 1 training and support for your team.

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Powerful tools built for modern learning

Everything in Google Workspace for Education plus 6 powerful additions to help educators and learners perform at their best.

Increase engagement

Engage learners in new ways with breakout rooms, live streaming, Q&A, polling, attendance tracking, recordings, and more with Google Meet.

Connect and engage with up to 250 attendees per meeting and 100,000 per in-domain live stream and save recorded meetings directly to Google Drive.

Proactively prevent security threats

Streamline cyber threat monitoring and analysis proactively in the security center dashboard.

Target and block phishing, spam, and other breaches quickly with the investigation tool.

Protect personal devices and apps with advanced mobile management.

Promote authentic thinking

Provide unlimited originality reports to save instructors grading time while guiding students to create original work efficiently and incorporate outside sources properly.

Create peer-to-peer comparisons between current student work and anything previously submitted and stored in your private, school-owned repository.

Originality Vs Turnitin

Enrich class experiences

Integrate EdTech tools and content seamlessly within Classroom.
(Coming Soon)

Find and share knowledge through Cloud Search

Access your institution’s own Cloud Search to discover and share information.

Personalized Cloud Search for your domain to make information accessible and easy to find.

Get faster support when you need it

Solve problems faster with help from a support team of product specialists.

Faster response times from a support team of product specialists.

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Elevate teaching and learning while making a bigger instructional impact. Upgrade to the comprehensive digital transformation solution — Education Plus.


Elevate teaching and learning with advanced security controls and collaboration tools.

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Compare free and enterprise editions to understand the full benefits of upgrading.

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