Today, concerns about environmental sustainability loom large, and it’s crucial for businesses to adopt practices that minimise waste and maximise resource efficiency. One significant area where this ethos can be applied is in the management of assets and their lifecycles. This blog explores how embracing asset circularity and implementing comprehensive lifecycle management strategies can significantly contribute to achieving sustainability goals, particularly in the context of electronic waste management.

The Challenge of E-Waste

The average New Zealander contributes more than 20 kilograms of electronic waste each year, one of the highest per-capita rates in the world. Of the 80,000 or so tonnes of e-waste we produce each year, we recycle only 1600 tonnes. Without responsible E-waste management, there is an elevated risk of these substances contaminating the environment, including soil and water sources.

Reducing E-Waste with HPE, powered by Intel®

1.Full Asset Lifecycle Management

To address these challenges, the concept of the circular economy has emerged as a beacon of sustainability. The circular economy aims to minimise waste and maximise resource efficiency by keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible. Extending asset life involves optimising usage through maintenance and upgrades, reducing the need for replacements. Consolidating infrastructure streamlines operations, reducing redundancy and energy consumption. Upcycling repurposes end-of-life assets, preventing waste and creating additional value.

HPE is a leader in providing comprehensive IT asset lifecycle solutions. Through their innovative offerings, HPE enables organisations to reclaim asset value, simplify management activities, and promote circularity. HPE’s solutions encompass the entire lifecycle of IT assets, from procurement and deployment to maintenance and retirement. By leveraging HPE’s expertise and advanced technologies, organisations can optimise asset use, minimise downtime, and reduce overall IT costs.

2. Sustainability Impact

In 2021 alone, HPE’s technology renewal centres processed an impressive quantity of assets, totalling over 3 million and weighing close to 27 million pounds. Remarkably, 85% of these assets were refurbished for a second life, demonstrating HPE’s commitment to sustainability through the promotion of circular economy principles. The remaining assets were responsibly recycled, with less than 1% of materials ending up in landfills.

Cyclone Computers Lifecycle Roadmap

1. Maximise Budgets: Benefit from our extensive purchasing power with leading vendors to maximise the value of your budgets. Our custom purchasing portal, offered free of charge, simplifies and streamlines equipment ordering for your users, whether they are staff, students, or parents. Through our collaboration with industry leaders like HPE, we ensure access to top-quality products and services that meet your organisation’s needs.

2. Data Backup and Recovery: Ensure the safety and security of your crucial data with our reliable backup and recovery solutions.

3. Finance Flexibility: Break free from budget constraints with our range of financial solutions tailored to suit your organisation’s needs. Whether it’s long-term technology rentals, payment holidays, or flexible payment structures, we offer options to accommodate your budget and cash flow. Leveraging our deep understanding of the equipment market and strong vendor relationships, we ensure financial solutions that work for you.

4. Zero Touch Deployment: Effortlessly manage device deployment with Cyclone’s Zero Touch Deployment, enabling quick and efficient rollout of new and existing devices for growing businesses. Our comprehensive support covers repair, warranty claims, and replacements, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

5. E-waste Recycline: When it’s time to upgrade your technology, count on us to maximise the financial return on your old equipment or dispose of it responsibly. We find markets for pre-loved IT equipment, including PC equipment, enterprise servers, storage systems, photocopiers, printers, and networking products, ensuring ethical remarketing practices with no e-waste shipped to developing nations.

Cyclone Computer Company Limited is committed to social responsibility and sustainability. That’s why we’ve partnered with HPE Aruba Networking, a company that shares our values and actively contributes to the economic, social, and environmental aspects of our world. Let’s talk about how we can help your business thrive while reducing its environmental footprint.

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